The love of my life * Complete *

I've been dating Justin for a year now and it's our anniversary. Justin makes me feel like a queen and I'm so appreciative of him. He is the love of my life and I couldn't ask for more.


27. Leaving..again

I woke up in Justin's arms and kissed hi forehead. He kissed my shoulder and mumbled I love you. I got up and went to brush my teeth. My birthday was today and we were going to a club. -------- A few hours later. 

It was 7:00 and I had to get ready for my party. I put on a black dress, white leather jacket and white heels. Justin put on black supras, white jeans, a black shift, and white leather jacket. 

Justin- Baby you look so gorgeous. 

Kim- Thank you baby for throwing this party for me. It really means a lot.

He took my hand and we walked out side to his car. We pulled up to the club and I saw my friends family and Justin's friends. We started to dance and I grinds on justin. After a few drinks it was fun. I saw justin and Selena go upstairs. They came back and kissed each other. I felt betrayed. Especially on my birthday. I left the club and went to the house. I cried my eyes out. 

Justins Pov 

No! I will not kiss you Selena. 

Selena: If you don't I will make Kimberly die. Now kiss me. 

I had to. I know what she is capable of. She will hurt my baby. I know I'm hurting her but sh will die. I kissed Selena and felt Kimberly stare. She left the club. 

Kim POV 

I started to pack my things as soon as I heard justin come through the door. He was crying. His eyes were red and puffy and his cheeks were filled with tear stains. 





















Kimberly- How could you?! I saw you kiss her justin. 

Justin - Baby I can explain. Why do you think I'm crying?! Cuz Of what happened! Let me explain.

Kim- No Justin ! I'm tired of explanations and sorrys. You have hurt me enough. 

I walked out the door and called a cab. The cab dropped me off at the airport. I looked at my phone and there was 43 text messages and 8 missed calls. They all said let me explain. I turned off my phone and got on my plane. I cried and looked out the window. The plane landed and I got in a cab and went to my house. Justin texted me and said that he was coming to explain. I texted him back 

To justin: Justin don't come you hurt me. On my birthday! I thought you loved me. All the stuff we've been through. All the love and pain. You just threw it away. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that you would do this. 

From Justin: Baby if you let me explain you'll understand. The last thing I ever wanna do is hurt you. I do love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I'm crying right now with out you in my arms. Please let me come. 

To justin- Don't count on being with me anymore you had so many chances that you wasted justin. I'm sorry. I thought you wouldn't hurt me. Don't come. 

From Justin: Baby I don't care if you don't want me to come. I am. I don't wanna give up. I'm not I'll be there in the more into let you know why I did kiss her. Baby please. 

Tojustin: W.e justin come if you want. ( end of conversation ) I cried all night. I kept getting goodnight text. I was awake all night. I got a text from Justin and he said he canceled his concert tomorrow. Uhhhh he's making it really hard for me to leave him. I kept playing the memories of Justin and I in my head. I finally fell asleep. 

* What do you guys think ? What will Kim do? Will she understand him and stay? Or will she leave forever and never be with justin again? Please comment ideas for next chapter 

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