The love of my life * Complete *

I've been dating Justin for a year now and it's our anniversary. Justin makes me feel like a queen and I'm so appreciative of him. He is the love of my life and I couldn't ask for more.


16. Back home with the same arms around me

I sat in my seat and looked out the window. I teared up and broke down. I looked at my phone and saw justin texted me 53 times I read all of them. One said that he was coming to Florida whether I liked it or not. I didn't believe he was coming. He wants Selena and I know it so I didn't reply. When the plane landed, I got off and called a cab. It dropped me off at my house and I got in. I walked up stairs to my room and got in the shower. I got out and got ready for bed. I heard the door open downstairs. I heard justin and broke down.

Justin- B-Baby where are you? I need you. 

I walked downstairs and saw justin standing there with red puffy eyes with tear stains in his cheeks he ran over to me and pulled me into a hug. 

Justin- Stop leaving me. 

Kimberly- It's not going to work anymore justin. 

He looked at me with hurt eyes he fell to his knees and begged me 

Justin- Baby please don't let her ruin what we have I don't want her in my arms I want you. She can die for all I care I just need you. I already canceled three shows if u leave I'm canceling the whole tour.

Kimberly - I don't know anymore. It's hurting me I know u love me and I love you too but with her around there will never be an us. 

He cried even harder 

Justin- Baby don't do this. 

He fainted and collapsed on the floor I carried him over to the couch or at least tried. I brought him water and forced it down his throat. He didn't wake up but he was still breathing. I laid down next me and his arms quickly wrapped around my waist. He mumbled 

Justin- Don't leave. 

 I kissed his head and fell asleep. 

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