The one

"Skylar don't do this to yourself!"Emma yelled.

"I have to"I said as I jumped off the bridge.


2. running away

Skylars POV

I packed my stuff in my backpack and yes all my stuff fit in it.

I took 50 dollars from my dad and went out side my dad always goes out and brings back a different lady each night.

I won't miss this place they treat me like shit here I have to stay at my best friends house.she and I where bffs since the kinder.her name is Emma.

My dad doesn't know where she lives so it's a good thing.i also have school.

All of a sudden it started to rain.

"Great just what I needed"I yelled.

I also forgot my best friends name I have two one boy and one girl.

His name is Mathew. Me and Emma call him Matt it's much more easier.

I felt sick so I went behind a tree and puked.

When did I have pizza?

I drunk water from my bottle and then spit it out.

I felt so much better.

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