"Some things just don't work out the way you want them to"

Michael Clifford fanfiction


2. Chapter 2

I woke up. Another day living in this orphanage. I checked the time; 8:39. I pretty much sat on my bed doing nothing for over 9 hours.

"Hunter, someone wants to adopt you! Pack your things then come down here to my office to meet them!" Kathryn yelled.

Surprised by what I just heard, I grabbed my suitcase and filled it with everything I owned. I ran down the stairs. I took a deep breath and walked into Kathryn's office. She sat across from a man who's probably somewhere in his 50s.

"Hunter, this is John. He's your new father. He's the manager of the band 5 Seconds Of Summer. John has told me that you and him are going to head off to Sydney tomorrow to meet them, then head to Europe to start their tour. Is that okay with you?" Kathryn asked.

I nodded. I've heard of the band a couple times I just never listened to them.

John got up from the chair he was sitting in and led me to the door. He showed me to his car; a black mini van just like Dads. Slowly and awkwardly, I stepped into the passengers side of the van and buckled up. No more than twenty minutes passed when we arrived at a large house. I got out and walked the sidewalk that led to the front door. John opened it and let me in. He showed me around the house. My bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen, ect. I looked over at a clock. 10:39.

"I'm going to bed. Goodnight" I yawned heading up the stairs.

"Night" John waved.

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