the baby project

when 17 year old Rosie is in the same class as her rival Harry Styles she decides to deal with it but the big suprise next? That's not something she can deal with, find out what it is in THE BABY PROJECT.


3. chapter 3

Harry's P.O.V

All the boys told me to go over to Rosie and ask if she wanted to stay at my house sense no parents were going to be there. So i did and she said yes, i could not help but smile. I walked over to the boys again and told them and they all yelled and cheered. I could not help but blush. Wait, no i do not blush, i am Harry Styles, i use girls for one-night-stands and never fall in love. i can not be getting feelings for Rosie, i just can not.

Rosie's P.O.V

When the last bell of the day rang i walked to my locker, of course Harry and his crew had to be there. But today i couldn't help but smile, what is happening? I walked to my locker and Louis stepped in front of me.

''hey you, me go out tonight at 8" - he looked serious i just laughed and looked at my locker again putting in my code. 86-34-12 i said to my self remembering me locker combo. When it opened i got my books and put them in my bag and walked over to Harry.

''Harry, do you want to come with me to get the ''baby'' with me'' - said with quotation marks over baby. 

''Sure love, meet up with you guys later!?" - he said and winked at the boys and walked with me. It as quiet the whole way to our teachers class, we waited out in the hall to be called in. Every group had their own goal to reach with the baby.

"Harry and Rosie" - the teacher called, ''here we go'' i whispered under my breath and walked in.

"Okay, you two. Your goals are to get along and you can not leave the house with the baby or your ''spouse''. - both of our jaws dropped. We looked at each other in awe. We just took the doll and walked out of the class room. 

This doll is going to be the death of me. 



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