the baby project

when 17 year old Rosie is in the same class as her rival Harry Styles she decides to deal with it but the big suprise next? That's not something she can deal with, find out what it is in THE BABY PROJECT.


2. chapter 2

Rosie's P.O.V

When I looked at Harry I seen he was just as shocked as me, i walked up to the teacher to ask him why?

''Excuse me, i was wondering why would you put me with Harry. You do know we will kill each other before the 3 weeks are up!?''

''Ms.Darren, i am aware of you and Mr.Styles ''rival'' as the other students call it, but it's just how the list evened out''

''Great, just great thanks'' - was all i said before i walked back to the table and sat there with my arms folded. 

When i looked over all the boys were starring at me and smirking or grinning. What is seriously wrong with them, they are always doing that. Louis whispered something to Niall and he chuckled a little. i just rolled my eyes and got on my phone. I  texted my friend Alex, she has been my friend sense first grade. 

'' guess who i am partnered up with for this stupid baby project'' - texted and pressed send.

5 minutes later she texted back which means she is in math, the math teacher is so strict. His name is Mr.Payne. 

''I am so sorry for you, maybe you two need it.'' 

i was kinda angry at that,that's the last thing we needed.

''maybe so, well talk to you at lunch bye'' - then realized maybe she was right, maybe just maybe me and Harry needed to become more than rivals, more like friends. i shivered at that and the boys seen me.

''you okay there Ms.Rosie, you look cold you want me to come over there and warm you up'' - Louis said, i have always thought he liked me but that just confirmed it.

''no but thanks Louis'' - was all i said and faked a smile and rolled my eyes.

He put his hands up in defense. I just giggled and look away. When someone tapped me on the shoulder i jumped, thinking it was Louis. I turned around to see Harry.

''What do you want Haz'' 

''Hi, um,--''

''well, spit it out'' -  i said annoyed

''I was wondering if you would rather come to my house for the project because it's bigger and there will be no parents'' - on the last part he winked and grinned.

'' Sure Haz, i will be there tonight at 6 after i get all my clothes gathered'' 

He just nodded and walked back to the table full of boys, i heard him telling them i was going to be with him for 3 weeks and all the boys yelled and cheered. I could not help but blush, no this can not be happening. Please tell me i am not getting feeling to Harry.

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