the baby project

when 17 year old Rosie is in the same class as her rival Harry Styles she decides to deal with it but the big suprise next? That's not something she can deal with, find out what it is in THE BABY PROJECT.


1. chapter 1

Rosie's P.O.V

When we got into class that day i remembered what today was, the baby project. The worse thing was, the only seat left was by my rival HARRY STYLES. I was the queen of the school and he was the king, you would probably think the queen and king would like each other or date. Wrong. We hate each other so much. When i sat down i seen Harry smirk like he was cute or something. 

I looked back to see Louis and Niall smirking too, what is with them smirking it is really getting old and the worse part is, they were starring at me. When i looked over at Harry, he was starring at Bridget. She is the schools whore, Harry must have a crush on her.

''Harry do you like the whore or not'' - i kinda yelled forgetting i was in class luckily no one heard me.

''Maybe, why does it matter to you Rose'' - he said and smirked

He knew i hated when people called me Rose it is such a ugly name, that's why my name is Rosie. 

I just looked away and listened to the teacher because i did not have anything else to do, today we get our partners for our project, you must stay at one or the others houses for 3 weeks taking care of this remote baby, he/she will react to the way you and you ''spouse'' treat the baby. 

''okay i will now read the names of the partners''

''Jack and Lacy''

''Niall and Sarah''

''Louis and Chloe''

''Liam and Hannah''

''Harry and Rosie''

Yes! Wait what... did i just hear Harry's name come out of his mouth, no this can not be happening i can not deal with him let alone spend the night at his house for 3 weeks. These 3 weeks are going to be hell.

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