Back For You

Hi my name is Louise Tom. And this is my story.


3. Memories

~4 years later~

My older sister, Shawn, and I have lived together since our parents died 2 years ago. It has also been four years since Niall left. I miss him so much. I often go over to his house to keep Maura company since Niall and Greg aren't there.

"Shawn I'm going over to visit Maura!" I yell across the house

"Alright tell me if your staying the night there!" she yells back

I walk over to my car. I get in and drive to go see Maura. When I get there I see Greg's car. I pull into the drive way turn off the car and go inside.

"Hey!" I say once I see Greg and Maura.

"Louise!" Greg says as he walks over and hugs me.

"Louise back again?" Maura asks.

"Again?" Greg asks.

"Yeah, I come to keep Maura company. Since the Horan family are my only friends," I say.

"Oh! Okay, so have you heard from Niall?" Greg asks.

"No," I say sadly as tears fill my eyes.

"Well, he sent us three tickets to their next concert. Want to come?" Maura asks as she hugs me.

I nod as tears fall down my cheek.

"Alright, we leave tomorrow at seven," Greg says.

~Next day at 7~

I had stayed the night with Maura and Greg so we could leave without a wait.

~At the venue~

We got there early so we found our seats and talked until the concert started.


The front pages are your pictures,

they make you look so small.

The song reminded me of myself after Niall left. I have the scars to prove it. The only person who I have shown my cuts to is Maura. The song couldn't be about me. The song ended and I was in tears.

"This song was dedicated to a good friend of mine," Niall says to the crowd.

Even more tears came to my eyes. 'Did he know I cut?' I ask myself. Maura leaned close to me and whispered.

"He wanted to know how you were doing. I told him everything."

I just nodded and continued to cry. The next song they sang was Midnight Memories. Then Happily played, then Alive, Best Song Ever, Story of my Life, Don't Forget Where You Belong, Strong, Little Black Dress, Right now, Through the Dark, Little White Lies, Something Great, Why Don't You Go There, Better Than Words, Does He Know?, and Half a Heart. I didn't stop crying once. Now it was time to bring someone on stage. They had a little hat that had the seat numbers and rows. Liam drew one but didn't call it out. He handed it to someone and they left. They started to answer Twitter questions. I was watching happily. Greg wanted to switch seats with me so I did. There was a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see the guy that Liam gave the paper to.

"Come with me please," he says.

I nod and follow him. We walked until we were backstage. He looks at me and says;

"I'm Paul."

"I'm Louise. Nice to meet you Paul," I say as I stick my hand out for him to shake.

"You are the first person to greet me like that," he says and shakes my hand.

I giggle. He chuckles.

"So you will go on stage when they start to sing You & I. Okay?' he asks.

"Alright," I say.

Paul and I had a nice conversation until the boys started to sing. I told Paul that the lads and I are friends and that I wanted to surprise them. He happily agreed. I waited until everyone was getting very emotional. I walked out and hugged Harry first. He almost started crying tears of joy. I indicated for him to be quiet. He nods. Then I walked over to Liam, Louis, and Zayn and did the same thing that I did with Harry. I walked over to Niall. I wrapped my arms around him from behind, as he finished singing. He jumped and looked at me. Tears started rolling down his cheeks.

"Louise?" he whisper asks.

"Don't start crying on me now Nialler," I joke.

"Lilo!" Niall says as he engulfs me in a Horan Hug.

"Niall Bear!" I say as I giggle.

I noticed that that it has gone silent around us. I looked and saw that everyone left.

"Lo, what are you doing here?" Liam asks.

"I'm here because the Sassmasta missed you five idiots!" I say a little sassy.

"And your not related to Louis?" Zayn asks.

"I have no clue, 'cause I'm adopted," I giggle.

"Well, now I have a fine ass to stare at," Harry comments.

"Hazza," Me and Louis gasp, "You don't like my ass?"

Me and Louis look at each other and crack up. Niall pulls me into another Horan hug this time with Maura and Greg. I giggle.

"Guys, your acting like I am going to die," I exaggerate.

"Well, I haven't seen you in four years," Niall says.

The lads walk over and look like their pouting.

"Aw! How come Niall gets hugs. We haven't seen you in four years either," Harry complains.

I giggle as I let go of Niall. I hug Harry, Liam, and Zayn. They chuckle as I hug them. I walked out to the middle of the stage and look at the boys.

"I want to sing for you guys," I say shyly answering their confused faces.

"Really?!" Niall asks.

"Any requests?" I ask.

"Do you know the lyrics to Little Things?" Zayn asks.

"Um, Yeah! I just need the guitar," I say as I look at Niall.

"Sure," he says as he grabs his guitar and sits down.

Niall starts strumming his guitar to the tune of the song. I started singing.

~After the song~
Everyone was looking at me in awe.

"Did it suck?" I ask shyly. No one answered. "It sucked didn't it?"

My eyes avoided everyone else's. Harry and Niall were instantly hugging me.

"You didn't suck love," Harry says.

"A-Are y-you s-sure?" I stuttered through some tears.

"You were amazing," Louis says "And that's coming from me."

I giggled as I wiped away tears. I pulled out of the hug and looked at the lads.

"Lads?' I ask.

"Yes?" they all reply at the same time.

"Do you see my blue eyes?" I ask and they nod.

"Do I have a sassy yet cheeky personality?" I ask yet another question.

"Yes, where is this going?" Zayn asks.

I looked at the ground. I looked back up at them.


A/N: Hey! Sorry for the super super super SUPER long wait!!!!! But here is another chapter! Again I'm sorry!


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