Back For You

Hi my name is Louise Tom. And this is my story.


2. Before He Left

Hi my name is Louise Tom and my best friend is Niall Horan. We have been friends since primary school.

"Good luck Niall!" I say to him.

"Thanks Lo!" he says and gives me a hug.

I hug back. He runs off to the stage. I stand with Maura, and Greg. We all stood in a small group. I saw four other boys line up for their turns. A curly haired one, one with short brown curls, one with a little quiff, and one with brown hair with blue eyes. Niall started singing, So Sick Of Love Songs, as it was his turn. When he finished he ran back stage, after his comments of course, and engulfed me in a Horan hug.

"Good job Nialler!" I say in excitement

"All thanks to you Lo!" he replies

"No not because of me! Because of your luck!" I giggle

We pull out of the hug and go and talk to other people. I found that the boy with brown hair and blue eyes is named Louis Tomlinson. We had a good conversation until Niall came over and said I had to go home.

"Aw! Niall do I have to?" I slightly pout

"Louise Elizabeth Tom! We are going home" Niall says sternly

"Niall James Horan! You know I don't like it when you use my full name!" I pout once again.

"Well maybe you should listen" Niall says and walks way. Louis chuckles

"Sorry Louis. I guess I have to leave" I say as I turn to Louis

"It's alright. I hope I can see you again!" he says cheerfully

"Louise!" Greg yelled

"Coming Greg!" I yell back

"I hope to see you again too" I say to Louis as I walk away

"Louise we will leave you if you don't hurry" Maura yells

I ran to catch up with them. They were standing around the car waiting.

"You guys weren't going to leave me were you?" I ask

"Nope" Greg says popping the 'P'

"No flirting with the competition" Niall scolded

"I wasn't flirting!" I yell in defense

"Sure!" Greg says sarcastically

"Get in the car!" Maura says

I quickly get into the front seat. I look at the boys and they look hurt.

"What?" I ask innocently

"You don't want to sit with us?" Greg asks

"No you two were teasing me" I say firmly

The boys sigh and get in the back of the car. Me and Maura giggle. She drives us to the nearest Nando's. Me and Niall jump out of the car and ran in. I could hear Greg and Maura laughing at us. I just roll my eyes and giggle.

"Table for four please" Niall says to a waitress

"Right this way" she says and we follow her

All four of us sit down and talk. We order our food.

"So how is it?" I ask

Niall gave me a confused look. As well as the others.

"Following your dreams, I mean" I say

"Lo you can follow your dreams too" Maura says

"I know but first I want to start small" I say looking at my hands

You see I have always wanted to become a singer. But They don't know that. It all started when me and Niall sang a duet at the talent show.

"What is your dream Louise" Greg asks

"Um..." I pause

"Come on you can tell us" Niall encourages

"I have always wanted to become a" I trail off

"A what?" Maura asks

"A singer" I say with a sigh

"Louise that's great! I always told you that you have a great voice" Niall says as he hugs me he mumbles the last part so I couldn't hear it

"Why is it so great?" I ask

"No reason" he quickly replies

The look in his eyes say other wise. But I decided to leave it. Niall sits back down in his seat. The food arrived and me and Niall dug into our food.

~20 minutes later~

We were leaving Nando's when I got a text.

To: Lo <3

From: Tommy (Bf <3)

We're over. I'm sorry but we weren't working out. And I'm cheating.

I stood there in shock. I felt someone pull my phone out of my hand. I looked up to see Niall. He read the text. He handed the phone to Maura and walked over and hugged me.

"You can let it all out" he says

I started crying. Niall had picked me up, bridal style, and carried me to the car. I sat in the back with the two boys. Both of them comforted me. I stopped crying and looked up at Maura.

"Maura mind if I stay the night?" I ask

"I don't mind, sweet heart" she says

"Thanks" I say

"Do I need to drop you off to get some clothes?" she asks

"No thanks I got some at your house remember?" I ask

"Oh yeah" she says

I pulled out my phone and blocked my ex boyfriend's number. After I did that I heard a chuckle from Greg.

"What?" I ask

"Nothing just Niall's face lit up for some reason" Greg says with a smirk

I look up at Niall and he was blushing. I smirk and decide to mess with him. So I leaned over and made it look like I was going to kiss his lips but quickly kiss his cheek. I look at him and Greg and they both had shocked faces. I just laugh.

"Your faces are hilarious!" I say between giggles

They ended up laughing with me. Maura pulls up to the house. Greg picks me up and carries me into the house.

"Greg what are you doing?!" Niall asks

"Carrying Louise. Why do you ask?" Greg says back

"Because I wanted to carry her!" Niall says

I started laughing at the boys. Greg puts me down and walks towards Niall. I just turn and walk away, still laughing. When the boys noticed that I wasn't there they started looking for me.

"Lo! Come here!" Niall yells

I walked over to Niall doing as he ask.

"Yes?" I ask

All of the sudden I'm being carried by a running Niall. I looked at what Niall was running from to see Greg was the one chasing us. I started laughing so hard.

"Niall, Greg! What's going on?" Maura yells.

"Just messing around with Louise!" they both yell in unison

~3 hours later~

I was collapsed on the ground panting for breath. Niall and Greg were to. Niall looks at me worriedly.

"Lo when was the last time you had an asthma attack?" he asks

"About two weeks ago. Why?" I ask

"Just be careful. We don't have an inhaler for you" he says as he gets up

"Its fine I got one here! Remember?" I ask

"Oh yeah!" he says in realization

I walk inside and am once again being carried but not by Niall. Greg runs to the backyard and throws me into the pool. I scream as I feel the freezing water touch my skin. I quickly re-surface and glare at Greg.

"Greg! I'm freezing help me out!" I say

He reaches out and grabs my hand to help me out. I pull him in. Niall comes running out.

"Lo get out and go take a shower" Niall orders.

"Alright Niall, dear will you go get me a towel?" I ask him

"Of course I would babe" he says as he runs inside.

I giggle. Greg gave me a dirty look.

"What?" I ask innocently

"What was that about? Calling you 'babe'?" Greg asks

"When we were little, When Niall came over to my house we played a game called 'house' it's where we pretend to be dating or married" I say

"Ah okay" he says

Niall came out with a towel. I got out took it and walked inside. I went to the kitchen and saw Maura.

"Hey, Maura?" I ask as I walk up to her

"Yes?" she asks as she turns around "Oh my! What happened?"

"Greg threw me into the pool. And do you remember where I had put my clothes last time I was here?" I ask

"Check Niall's room. I think that's where they are." she says

"Thanks!" I say as I run to Niall's room.

Once I had gotten to Niall's room I ran over to the little dresser that has my clothes. I grabbed black tights, a grey off the shoulder Yin-Yang sweater, purple boots and a black beanie.

(Picture >>>)

I ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I strip and step into the warm water. I climbed out five minutes later. I got dressed and pulled my hair into a messy bun. I walked out to the lounge to see Niall relaxing on the couch. I plop down on his lap.

"Where's Greg?" I ask

"He's still in the pool" Niall says

"Well go get him" I say as I giggle

"Nah" he says

I groan and get up. I walk outside.

"Greg go shower!" I yell

He jumps out of the pool and runs inside. I walk back in and plop back down on Niall's lap.

~4 hours later~

"I'm hungry" I complain

Everyone chuckled. I looked at Niall and he gave me a little smile.

"Come on Lilo!" Niall says using my special nickname

"YAY!" I cheer as I jump up off Niall and the sofa
Niall chuckled and got up. We walked into the kitchen.

"I'll make everyone dinner!" I say

"And I'm helping!" Niall adds

~2 hours later~

"Dinner was great!" Greg compliments

"Yes it was delicious!" Maura says

"And thank you too Niall" Maura adds

"I didn't do anything really. Lo did all the work" Niall says

Everyone laughs. We sat in the lounge for a while talking.

"Movie night!" I say

"Okay what movie?" Niall asks

~June 24, 2010~

I was standing with Greg and Maura backstage. Niall didn't know I was here. Greg had told me that Niall was put into a band. The thing is I haven't gotten the chance to meet the boys. So Greg picked me up, from my house, and brought me here. Niall and his band mates came running backstage. When Niall saw me his face lit up.

"Louise?!" he yelled in excitement

"Niall!" I yell back

We hug for a minute, when we pull apart I looked at the other boys.

"Hi, I'm Louise Tom" I greet

"Hello love, I'm Liam. And this is Louis, Harry, and Zayn" Liam says as he points to each boy.

"Nice to meet you!" I say

'So Harry has beautiful green eyes and curly hair, Liam has brown eyes and a bowl cut, Zayn has a small dark quiff, and Louis has blue eyes and brown hair' I thought.

Louis was staring at me. I looked at him then remembered that I met him that one time.

"Louis? Is that the one I talked to that one time?" I mutter to myself

"Louis? Is that you?" I finally ask

a look of joy came to his face.

"Finally! Louise you remembered me" he shouts as he bear hugs me

I giggle and hug him back. Everyone gave us a weird look.

"Louis and I had met a while ago" I say

"Wait, was this the guy you were flirting with?" Greg asks

"Greg Horan! I was not flirting!" I state sternly

Everyone laughs. I end up laughing with them.

"Would you like to join us to go to Louis' flat?" Harry asks

"I would love to!" I reply with a smile

"Great! Let's go!" Zayn says

Niall wraps his arm around my shoulder. I wrap me arm around his waist. We walked out like that.

~Louis flat~

I sat on the sofa in the lounge. I was being a loner. Liam came and sat down by me. I looked at him and ask

"Why sit by me?"

"I saw that you were lonely" he says

"Well I'm in a flat with nothing but boys. I would say that I kinda am" I admit

He chuckles. Niall walks up and sits on the other side of me. He wraps his arm around my shoulder.

"Hey Niall" I say

"What's up?" Liam asks

We talk for a while until I got tired.

"Niall I'm going home" I say as I get up

He gets up as well and says

"I'll take you"

We walk out to my car. I climb into the drivers seat. Niall gets into the passenger side.

"Hey Lilo?" Niall breaks the silence

"Hm?" I reply

"Can I stay at yours?" he asks

"Sure Niall" I say as I focus on the road

Once we arrive at my house, Niall is out of the car and was at the door. I giggled and followed. I walked inside and was met by my angry sister.

"Hey Shawn!" Niall greets

Her face lites up.

"Hey Loser" she says and hugs him

"Shawn let him go" I say

I shake my head and walk upstairs. Niall and Shawn followed me.

"Why are you pissed off?" I ask Shawn

"Because you didn't bring me food and you were late" she replies

"I didn't know you wanted food" I say

"I texted you" she says

I went to go grab my phone but realization hit me. I didn't have it.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed

*ring ring*

"Oh! My phone!" Niall says

He pulls out his phone and looks at it. He then looks at me.

"How are you calling me?" he asks

"I don't have my phone" I say as I nervously laugh

"Louise Elizabeth Tom!" Niall scolds

"Just answer the damn phone" Shawn says

Niall answers the phone and puts it on speaker.

"Hello?" Niall asks

"Hey is Louise with you?" a voice asks

"Yes" Niall answers the question

"Well she left her phone here at my flat" Louis says

"I'll be there to pick it up Lou" I say

"Alright" Louis says

Niall hung up and looks at me.

"I will go get it" Niall says

Before I could protest he grabbed my keys and left.

~10 minutes later~

Niall arrives with my phone and four other people.

"Hey boys" I greet them

"Hey Lo" Louis greets back

"What are you four doing here?" I ask them

"We're staying the night" Liam says

~3 hours later~

"Nice ass!" Harry shouts

"Thanks!" me and Louis yell back

Everyone bursts out laughing. Then for the rest of the night me and Lou had talked about our asses.

~Next day~

I woke up and the boys weren't sleeping in my room. I grabbed my phone to see that I got a text from Niall.

From: Nialler

I didn't want to wake you up. But me and the lads have left to go make our first album. Bye love.

Tears rolled down my cheeks. I sat in my room and cried for hours. When Shawn walked into my room and saw me crying she came over and hugged me close.

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