What happens after Tris and "Four" start a family and go back to Dauntless? You can find out now!


1. Tris and Tobias with Toby

Ugh. I didn't feel like getting up today. My shoulder reminds me of memory's I don't want to remember. Did Tobias come in her or did Toby? Toby is our little son. We had a son a year after our compound went to war with others. I think about shooting my best friend. Why?! I could have shot him in the hand. I heard loud sobs from Toby's room. Then Tobias yelled "Tris,Babe,Time to get up!" I shot up and ran to him. I had on Dauntless clothes,Gray and black. Abnegation was the hardest compound for us to get along with. I walked outside because Tobias had Toby and went back to sleep. I saw peter trying to walk beside me and laughed briskly. "Hey,um,Tris?" He asked nervously. Thats so different and out of character for Peter. "Yes,Peter?Whats it you want?" I replied harshly. I still wont forget when he kept me and Tobias prisoner. "I know you don't like to deal with any other compounds besides Dauntless. But,can you please help us defeat the Erudite?" He asked. "Fine. We leave Now." I replied back. "Okay." He said and with that we were off. We spend weeks and weeks walking alleys and hiding. When,finally! But,Somebody shot me and all I know is seeing black and fading out slowly. I knew I was dieing. I was fine with it.


A/N: I know its short and I will make a book two. So you can see what happens to Peter an Tris.

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