An unexpected love (Hansoff)

Dirty content
Implied stuff happenin
Rated red for a reason:)


2. Chapter 2

Hans waved goodbye to Anna and Elsa as they walked out of the castle. He had been waiting for this moment. He looked at Kristoff.

This could never work, Hans thought, He hates me too much.

Suddenly he had an idea.

"Hey Kristoff do you want to hang out today? I mean the girls are gone. We could have a guys night!" Hans said.

"Sure! If love to get to know you!" Kristoff said back. Hans almost squealed.

This was going to be a different "guys night" then Kristoff had expected.

They both went to the kitchen and Hans poured some whiskey. Secretly he only gave Kristoff the whiskey and he had water for himself. Hans wanted to remember this night for a long time.

Kristof sat in a chair and drank from his cup.

"So how are things going lately Hans?" Kristoff said as he made a face. He never really liked whiskey.

"Good I mean being king is definitely harder than I thought but it's fun," Hans replied with a smile. God just just drunk already, Hans thought. He was tired of the small talk, he wanted him.

Kristoff giggled. "So what now? I mean we could play a board game or I mean I want to uh," Kristoff started then realized what he was going to say and blushed. He looked down, embarrassed out of his mind. He's married and so are you, Kristoff. He doesn't want you like you want him.

"What do you want to do Kristoff?" Hans said as he slightly bit his lip, hoping he wanted to do the same thing.

Kristoff just looked at him, his face burnt like a brand. He couldn't believe he said that, and now he had to tell him. "Hans I-I like you okay. I know I'm married and so are you but I can't help it and I can't believe I told you and now I'm rambling god you make me so nervous and-" Kristoff was interrupted by a kiss. A lingering, passionate one. Kristoff immediately kissed him back. Hans licked Kristoff's lips. He wanted in his mouth. Kristoff let him in and their tongues fount for dominance. They pulled apart.

"Kristoff I have something to tell you too," Hans said out of breath, "I don't like you, I love you."

Kristoff looked at him with a surprised look. "I-I love you too Hans," he said before he kissed him again.

They were beginning to like this guys night.

"So are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Hans said when their kiss finally ended. Kristoff raised his eyebrows. He knew what he meant. Words wouldn't come out, so Kristoff just nodded and bit his lip, hard.

Hans grabbed his hand and led him to his and Elsa's bedroom where he took off his shirt and Kristoff did the same. They kissed again, immediately with tongue, and lots of it. Kristoff closed the door with his foot, not letting his lips leave Hans'. Hans let his fingers tangle in Kristoff's shaggy blonde hair he loved so much as Kristoff grabbed his waist, tightly. They were on the bed before they even knew it and Kristoff was on top of Hans and their kisses got deeper, more passionate.

Kristoff reached for Hans' pants and he looked at him with the happiest face in the world.

He loves me, Hans thought, and I love him.

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