An unexpected love (Hansoff)

Dirty content
Implied stuff happenin
Rated red for a reason:)


1. Chapter 1

Hans never really loved anyone.

He was alone.

Sure he was married to Elsa, but he didn't love her.

He just wanted the throne.

Anna still hated him but she had Kristoff now so no need for anything.

Hans still longed to be held by someone he loved.

He had never experienced love because his brothers, his mom, and his dad all mistreated him.

The poor boy had no one,

No one to say I love you.

His heart was full of love.

But no one to give it to.

But he began to notice something.

He was always staring at someone.

A certain someone.

He was blonde,

He was strong,

He was perfect.

His name was Kristoff.

He was married to Anna.

Hans was married to Elsa.

It couldn't work.

Could it?

Hans began to plan something, he did that very well.

Anna and Elsa were going to Corona for their cousin's sleepover.

Its my chance, Hans thought.

He was going to try something.

He wanted to know

if Kristoff loved him back.

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