Frozen Alchemy and the Sorcerer's Stone

AU crossover between Fullmetal Alchemist, Frozen, and Harry Potter. Turns out Elsa is a witch, and old enough to be a first year! Also, Harry is the right age too, along with Edward and Alphonse Elric.


5. Fullmetal - Wizard World

Authors Note: Sorry this one took so long, I had a rehearsal Wednesday night, watched the Conqueror of Shamballa Thursday, and hsd more than one spot of writers block inn this. If anything is weird, it is most likely where I had trouble transitioning.

Disclaimer: I don not own Froze, Fullmetal Alchemist, or Harry Potter

Edward, Age 12, Alphonse, Age 11

After that year went by, the boys sent a letter to Mustang telling him they were on their way, then left for Central, and made it there with no issues. That year went by, but they never opened their letters that Mustang had given them. On the train to Central was when they decided to open them, and they were from Hogwarts (basically the same letter as in chapter 1, but with their names). "Wizardry? Witchcraft? Dragons? Transfiguration? Is this all magic? It doesn't exist!" Ed yells out once he finished reading it.

"But brother, what if it does? It might have a way to get our bodies back!"

"Well that's all the reason I need, lets go, but after I get my state certification, which shouldn't take too long."

"Alright, once you get your certification, we'll go."

Once they got off the train, they were greeted by a tall, very muscular man, who had no hair except for one blonde curl on his forehead and his moustache, and there were pink sparkles around his head. He was also wearing a military uniform. He was holding a sign that said "Elric" on it, so Ed and Al assumed that he was there for them. When they walked up to him he asked them, "Are you the Elric Brothers?"

"Yea, we are." Ed told the man.

"Good! You look almost exactly the way Mustang described you! One in a suit of armor, and a short one with blonde hair."

"WHO YOU CALLIN' SO SHORT YOU NEED A MAGNIFYING GLASS TO SEE THEM?" Ed screamed at the top of his lungs while trying to land a hit on the man, but Al was holding him back. When Ed finally calmed down, the man spoke again.

"My name is Major Alex Louis Armstrong, and I was sent here to pick you boys up and bring you to Mustang in Central Command. Now follow me to the car."

After some encouragement from Al, Ed decided to get in the car and go to Central Command. When they got there, they met up with Mustang, who discussed what the State Alchemy exam entails. "First, there is a written exam, then a physical exam, then last there is a demonstration. Out of all the people attempting to become a state alchemist, only 1 is chosen. There is stiff competition."

"I'll be prepared." Ed told Mustang.

The exam was split into 2 days, the written and physical exams were held on the first day, while the demonstrations were held on the second day. The reason for this was that it gave the people grading the exams time to see who was able to pass on, and in turn lowering the amount of people entering the demonstration phase."

The boys studied for hours on end with intense focus to prepare themselves for the first day. That day came and passed, and at the end, a man arrived to tell Ed he had passed the first 2 exams and only had the demonstration remaining. At this time Mustang was there, and then asked Ed, "What are you planning for your demonstration?"

"I'll just improvise." The boy responded.

"WHAT! You just can't improvise on the State Alchemy Exam! If you do that you'll never pass!"

"Fine then, I'll sleep on it."

"Alright, I'll leave you for the night."

After the Lt. Colonel left, the boys went to bed, and waited for the next day. When it came, They headed out to the courtyard of Central Command. Once there, Ed was brought into a private room where people demonstrate their skill. His audience was a group of officers, and a surprise guest, Fuhrer King Bradley. "Are you Edward Elric?" He asked.

"Yea, I am." Ed responded confidently.

"Well I hope you have come prepared for this."

"Well, I do have some idea of what I want to do." Edward then clapped his hands and touched the ground. As soon as he touched, the ground lit up with a blue light and a shaft started rising from the ground. As this was happening, people in the crowd where looking at Ed with awe, saying things like, "What?" "Alchemy without a circle?" "Impossible!"

Soon the shaft was 4 feet long, and at the ground, an ornate metal point began to appear. As soon as it was out, he whipped it around to the throat of the Fuhrer, and in a second every gun in the room was pointed at him. All that he said was, "You really should up the security for these things, someone could have an 'accident' with their transmutation, and then, no more Fuhrer."

"I don't think I have to worry about that." The Fuhrer responds walking away. Ed looks back to his weapon just in time to see the shaft fall apart in 3 places just below the tip, in cuts perfectly straight. He then looked back to the Fuhrer who was walking away with his sword drawn.

"When did he draw his sword?" Ed asked aloud.

That night, Ed slept restlessly, not knowing what was going to happen the next he woke up, he say a not that said "Ed, meet me in my office in the morning, I have something for you and there is someone here to meet you. -Mustang" After he got dressed Ed did as he note told him to do and went to Mustang's office. There was an old man in the room, but the first person Ed went to was Mustang, who handed him a certificate that said:

This official document certifies that the nation of Amestris, prefecture of the Generalissimo appoints the name Fullmetal to Edward Elric in the name of Fuhrer King Bradley.

The State Alchemist shall follow all orders and policies of the military.

A research assessment examination shall be held once every year. In the case that the State Alchemist does not show signs of progress as a result of the examination, he shall be discharged from the services of State Alchemist.

The State Alchemist is entitled to the use of ample research funds, unrestricted access to classified documentation, access to various governmental facilities, and a military rank equal to that of "Major".

- King Bradley

"Is this for real?" Ed asked after he finished reading it.

"Yes, and here's you silver pocket watch that you use for identification." Mustang says as he hands the boy the pocketwatch. "Doesn't it seem like the Fuhrer has a sense of humor?"

"Yeah, Fullmetal. I like the sound of it. Now, who was the person you said wanted to meet me?"

"That would be me." The old man stated flatly as he rose from his seat. "My name is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of the Wizarding school Hogwarts."

"That place Al and I go those letters from?"

"That is the place."

"Last year, when I gave you those letters, after the date they said they were due, he just appeared in my office asking where you were Ed, so I told him that there was an issue, and to come back in a year. Also, Al's letter wasn't supposed to be sent until this year, as someone has to be 11 when they receive this letter, but this year would work." Mustang explained to the confused Ed.

"So why are you here now?"

"Why to pick you and your brother up to go to school or, at least to get your supplies you need." The man responded.

"At least we were planning on going to this school after I passed the exam anyway, should I go get Al?"

"We'll both go to him, just hold onto my arm and concentrate on the place where he will be."

"This makes no sense, but ok." Ed replied as he held onto the man's arm and thought of the room they were staying in. He heard a loud pop, and suddenly they were back in the room, and Ed heard Al jump with surprise. "Brother, how did you get home so fast? What did Mustang want?"

"AL I GOT MY CERTIFICATION! Also, I'm home so fast because of this man here, Mr...?"

"Dumbledore, just call me Dumbledore." The man responded.

"Right, well, Dumbledore just told me to hold onto his arm and concentrate on here, then we were here. He's here to bring us to that school we read about in the letters."

"Brother I'm so proud of you for passing!"

"Also, right now he wants to take us to buy our school supplies as well as introduce us to the wizard world."

"First I will begin with what we do, and then once I am done, we shall proceed to Diagon Alley."

Dumbledore then went on and did indeed explain, in detail what people do at Hogwarts, then gave Ed and Al the directions to allow him to apparate them to Diagon Alley. Once they were there, they went to Ollivander's. The first one up was Al, and he found the right wand on his first attempt, ironwood with a Unicorn Hair core and was 12 3/4 inches long. With Ed however, it took a few tries, but he finally found one that was Kaya with a Dragon Heartstring core, and was 9 inches long.

After this, they decided to look at pets, since Al really wanted a cat. Al actually has a history with hiding cats within his armor. As soon as they entered, Dumbledore noticed a man with 2 young girls looking at some of the animals, and called out his name, "Hagrid!"

"Professor? That you? What are you doing here?" The man apparently named Hagrid asked Dumbledore.

"I am here helping these 2 young boys, Edward and Alphonse Elric to get their school supplies, as they will be first years in the upcoming school year."

"Well what a coincidence! I'm here getting this young lady, Elsa," Hagrid said as he pointed towards Elsa, who was taller than Ed, "her first year supplies. This other girl here is Anna, Elsa little sister who was adamant about coming, even though she was too young." He then pointed to the other girl, who was shorter than Ed, (thankfully), and had strawberry blonde hair in 2 pigtails.

Dumbledore responded to this with, "It doesn't matter how old she is when she comes to Diagon Alley, as long as she comes to Hogwarts when she turns 11. Also, would you mind taking Ed and Al to the rest of their stops for me? I have a meeting to get too, I'll be back in a few hours. All they have gotten is their wands, and at all the shops, tell them to put Ed and Al's things on my tab."

"Sure Dumbledore, I'll take 'em, it just happens that all Elsa has is her wand too."

"Perfect, it seems like I'll be on my way then." He said as he disappeared with a pop.

"Lets get a cat! Maybe more than one!" Al exclaimed as he saw the wide selection of felines before him.

"Calm down Al, You can have one." Ed said calmly, holding Al back from them. "Just don't try and sneak any out inside your armor."

"But brother..." Al said while a meow could be clearly heard from inside the armor.

"GIVE ME THAT!" Ed yelled as he dove into Al's armor searching for the cat. "Ah-ha! I found it!"

"Awww, but brother..."

"You can bring it to the counter first and actually pay for it, not steal it in your armor." The cat was a yellow German Rex, and would have been placed next to an all black cat escape for one spot, a small white spot on it's forehead. Looking down on the cats, Elsa reached down and picked up the black one

"I like this one, I think I'll get him." She said admiring her choice.

"YAY we're going to get a cat!" Anna screamed out of happiness. "What will you name her?"

"I like the name Snowdrop, since the drop of white is like the first drop of snow on a patch of dark soil."

Ed decided it was time to actually introduce himself to the girls, as Hagrid had already introduced them to him. "Hello, my name is Edward Elric, and this is my Alphonse. You can call me Ed, and him Al if you want. We come from the country of Amestris."

"Hello Ed and Al, as you heard from Hagrid, I am Elsa, and this is my little sister Anna." Elsa said politely back.

"HI!" Anna yelled after Elsa said that.

"We come from the country of Arrendale."

"Nice to meet you both, now Al, let's go pay for your new friend." Ed said as he turned to his brother.

Once they got the the counter, the man asked, "What are you going to name it? I need it for the registration form."

"How about Amber?" Al asked his brother.

"I think that fits just fine." Ed responded.

While Al was looking at cats, Ed had found himself an owl, and decided to name it Archimedes. Once the group had all checked out, they decided on their next destination, the bookstore. As soon as they got in there, Anna headed for the fairy tales, Elsa for the geometry books, and the Elrics ruched to look for anything on alchemy.

"Now you 4 wait here, I have some business to attend to, I'll be back with a new friend later." Hagrid said as he left.

Authors Note: Nothing this time

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