Frozen Alchemy and the Sorcerer's Stone

AU crossover between Fullmetal Alchemist, Frozen, and Harry Potter. Turns out Elsa is a witch, and old enough to be a first year! Also, Harry is the right age too, along with Edward and Alphonse Elric.


2. Fullmetal - The Beginning

Authors Note: This is the backstory chapter for the Fullmetal Alcemist side of the story, and only a little Hogwarts is mentioned, but dint worry, the next Fullmetal chapter will have more!

Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist, Frozen, or Harry Potter.

Edward, Age 5, Alphonse, Age 4

When Ed reached the age of 5, life was good, and training with alchemy was going well. That is, until Trisha Elric, Ed and Al's mother died of sickness. The boys were devastated, and had to go to their neighbors, Winry and Granny Pinako, for help, as their father, Van Hoenheim, disappeared when the boys were younger.


Ed, Age 11, Al, Age 10

"AL! I think I've got it! A theory that might work!" Ed exclaims, running over to Al with a rolled up piece of paper in his hands.

"Really? Let me see!" Al responds, jumping up from the book he was reading"

Al looks over the paper for a long time, before looking up with a smile, and says, "I think you're right brother, I can't see anything wrong with it, so lets go and get the ingredients!"

"Alright, just have to make sure we have everything." Ed says once they return with their bounty of materials."

"Lets get on with it then" Al responds

"Water, 35 liters"


"Carbon 20 Kilograms"


"Ammonia, 4 liters"


"Lime, 1.5 kilograms"


"Phosphorous, 800 grams"


"Salt, 250 grams"


"Saltpeter, 100 grams"


"Sulfur, 80 grams"


"Fluorine, 7.5 grams"


"Iron, 5 grams"


"Silicon, 3 grams"

"And trace amounts of 15 other elements"

"1, 2, 3,...14, and... 15! Check!"

"Looks like we've got it all Al, now we have to get that transmutation circle drawn."

"Alright, lets get to it!"

Before we get any further, I should probably explain what is going on. These 2 boys are about to commit the ultimate taboo in alchemy, perform a human transmutation. They are going to attempt to bring their mother back to life, because they just wanted to see her smile again. The list above are all the elements found in the human body, but the reason it is banned it the fact that no one has survived a human transmutation, because, what can equal the value of a human soul?

The circle is now complete, and all of the elements required are placed in the center. On the top they can clearly see 2 drops of blood, 1 drop from each brother. Ed explained it in his head is the fact that it was their blood, made from her blood. They hoped that it was enough for the cost of their mother's soul. The boys stand on the edge admiring their work, and Ed speaks first.

"Well, i guess it's time to start."

"I agree brother." Al replied as they both knelt down and placed their hands onto the edge of the circle. "It's finally time, we'll finally get to see her smile again."

"Yes, and it will all be thanks to the power of alchemy! Now, LETS GO!" Ed exclaims as he and his brother begin the transmutation. Blue lightning flashes all around the circle, but suddenly it takes a dark purple color, and Ed senses that something is going wrong. He feels pain, and looks down at his left leg, which is being dissolved by little black hands emanating from the circle, and he cries out, "No, this shouldn't be happening! All my calculations were correct? What did we do wrong!?" The last thing he saw was Al's hand reaching for him as his brother's entire body was dissolved by the same little hands that had gotten his leg.

Suddenly he is in a room, completely white, except for this figure, which was all white as well, but had a black outline, and it seemed to be smiling.

"Well Edward Elric, ready to see what you paid for?" The mysterious figure inquired.

"Wait, what do you mean 'paid for?' I didn't pay for anything!"

"Oh really?" The mysterious figure asked while holding up what looked like a leg. It took Ed a minute, but he realized it was the leg that he once owned, but now belonged to this being.

"Now go, and leave me in peace." the being said with slight annoyance while the gate that suddenly appeared behind Ed opened and he was pulled through. Ed was then floating through the air, having massive amounts of information pumped into his brain. His thoughts were, "What is this? Where am I? Why is all this information suddenly being put into my head? This must be the truth!"

"OWW!" Ed howls as he is suddenly back in his body on earth, with the echoing voice of that being in his head, "You only get as much as you paid for."

"Okay now what?" Ed asked aloud to himself, then was worried for his brother. "Al? You there? ALPHONSE!?" He then realized that his brother had gone to the same place as he had, and had not come back. "No, he's all I have left." Ed whispered while looking around. The first thing he noticed was the lump of organs that was resting in the center of the circle. It was not human. It was not their mother. The whole thing had gone wrong. He then saw a suit of armor laying on the ground and came up with an idea. He used his own blood, and drew a seal at the back of the suit of armor's neck, on the inside. He then drew circles all over his body yelling, "Give him back! Take my arm, take my heart take anything, he's my ONLY BROTHER, HE'S ALL I HAVE LEFT!" He then clapped his hands together in front of him, commencing the alchemic reaction. The Truth (the being by the gate) only took his arm, and in turn gave Ed his brother's soul, which he bound to the suit of armor before passing out from the blood loss and pain. Al woke up and carried Ed to the Rockbells, Granny Pinako and Winry, asking them to, "Please save him, he's all I have left, and he saved me. Please."

The Rockbells bandage up all the stumps, and stop the bleeding. When Ed finally wakes up, he says, "Take all the money from the house."

Granny refuses him and says, "Fixing you up is on the house."

Ed returns with "It's not for the medical help it's for automail. If I am ever to get our original bodies back, I will need a working arm and leg." (Automail is an advanced prosthetic that works perfectly the same as a normal arm.)

While they were waiting for parts, Ed gets some visitors by the names of Lieutenant Colonel Roy Mustang, and 2nd Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye.

Mustang had earlier gone to the house and seen what had gone on there. He asked the boy, "Do you know what would happen if anyone found out what you did?"

"Not quite, but I know the consequences would be worse than we have already gone through." Ed responded.

"What are your names?" The officer inquired.

"I'm Edward Elric, and this is my brother Alphonse Elric."

"Well boys, this sure is a feat. No one has ever survived before, that is, until you two came along. I think it would be good for you to become state alchemists, so you can use the library in Central to find a way to get your original bodies back."

Granny looked up at Mustang with horror. "You want these young boys to become State Alchemists? Dogs of the military? What if a war breaks out?"

"If that happens, I'm not sure what would happen to them, but it would get them out of here and moving about. Also, I was here for another reason." He then proceeds to pull 2 envelopes with wax seals on the back, with the same coat of arms imprinted into it. "These were left by owl this year, and we had to wait until our birth records told us that Edward turned 11, but other than that I have no Idea what they are. If you have any questions, ask me, and I'll direct you to someone who knows the subject. I'll be in my office at Central Command."

"Colonel, I think I'd like to take you up on that offer of being a state alchemist, but I think I'll wait until my automail is done."

Edward spent the time waiting studying up for the written exam, and training what limbs he had left in combat with Al. After the automail was complete, and integrated into his system, Ed and Al said goodbye to Granny and Winry, and set off for Central City where the Lieutenant Colonel was waiting for them to arrive.

Authors Note: The next chapter will be a very Harry Potter chapter.

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