Frozen Alchemy and the Sorcerer's Stone

AU crossover between Fullmetal Alchemist, Frozen, and Harry Potter. Turns out Elsa is a witch, and old enough to be a first year! Also, Harry is the right age too, along with Edward and Alphonse Elric.


4. Elsa and Anna - Wizard World

Authors Note: Here is the chapter for the Frozen fans out there, and the is a TON more Harry Potter integration in this one than the first Frozen chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own Frozen, Fullmetal Alchemist, or Harry Potter


Elsa, Age 11, Anna, Age 8

While we were away in different places, Anna and Elsa rushed from the room to find their mother and father, the King and Queen. As soon as they were all settled in, Hagrid explained what Hogwarts was, and where is was as well. After Hagrid's speech, the King and Queen just looked at each other. The King turned to Hagrid, Anna, and Elsa, who were all seated together and explained. "We always assumed this would happen at some point, as your mother's family has a history of wizards, and I believe that mine has at least one somewhere." He turns back to the Queen. "I think sending Elsa to this school would be good for her."

The Queen responds saying, "I think so too, but why don't we ask her opinion." She turns to Elsa, "Do you want to go and learn magic?"

"Well, it does sound like fun, and I'll get to meet new people?" The girl responded.

"Oh yes, maybe even hundreds." Hagrid said.

"Oh, what if I don't fit in? What if I don't make friends?"

"Don't worry about that, the sorting hat takes your thoughts and qualities you value to find the house best suited to you. The people in your house have about the same qualities as you do. You will be right at home there."

"That sounds nice, so I guess I won't have to worry about fitting in, so I guess I'll go."

Here Anna pipes up with a question. "What do I do? Can I go too?"

"Well, how old are you?" Hagrid responds.

"8 years old!"

"You have quite a bit of time until you can do to Hogwarts. You have to be 11 like your sister here."

"Awww, Elsa gets to have all the fun."

"Well if you want to go do some magic stuff before she leave, I think I can bring you to Diagon Alley with us."

"Yay I can have some fun!"

"Where is this 'Diagon Alley'?" the Queen asks Hagrid politely.

"It's in London, it's where all the wizards buy their supplies. Good thing Dumbledore sent me with a portkey, or else we'd need to take the train back, which would take a very long time. Elsa, Anna, grab on to this when I say so." Hagrid pulled out an old gauntlet from a suit of armor.

"Ready?" He asked the girls.

"Ready." They both responded at the same time.

"Alright, grab on right... NOW!"

As soon as they grabbed on to the gauntlet, the girls felt themselves spiraling through the air until suddenly they were inside a pub that had a sign that said: The Leaky Cauldron.

"What an odd name." Elsa thought.

"Alright girls, follow me." Hagrid said, trying to get their attention.

"What about all of our stuff?"

"Once we are through here, you will be going back home until September 1st, when I'll send someone to come pick you up there."

"Alright, how long are we going to be here?"

"Well, first we have to go to Gringotts, to see if you have and relatives that left you money in the bank, and if you don't we have to exchange the money that I got from your parents."


"Your mother and father said you had wizard relatives, who knows what can be there."

They proceeded to the bank and asked, but there was no money there, so they had to exchange the money they had received, and once that was over with Hagrid had decided that they should start at the wand shop, Ollivander's.

"What are we going to get in here? Elsa asked before they entered the store.

"This is where you will get your wand that you will be using for the year, and possibly for the rest of your life if you don't break it." Hagrid responded as they were standing outside. "You go on ahead, I'll stay out here and watch Anna."

"Can I get a wand too Hagrid?" Anna asked pleadingly.

"Not until you turn 11."

Elsa left and turned into the shop at that point, and as soon as she stepped into the door, Mr. Ollivander, who was at the back of the store, felt the temperature drop 5 degrees. As soon as that happened, he hopped on his ladder and slid down the isle of wands, only to see a young girl, no older than 11, with platinum blonde hair in a braid hanging on the front of her left shoulder looking around in awe at all of the boxes on the walls. "Hello," Ollivander said to her, "What's your name?"

"My name is Elsa, Elsa of Arrendale."

"Well Ms. Elsa, I do not recall ever selling a wand to anyone with a name like that, so you will be the first! Now, let me see, what might fit you..." He wondered as he went back into the depths of the store. "Lets try this," He said, removing a slender piece of wood from one of the many boxes, "White Pine, Unicorn Hair, 9 inches. Go on, give it a wave." Elsa waved the wand and the sounds of many boxes hitting the floor where the only sounds you could hear. "Not that one," He said to the disappointed looking girl, "don't worry, it's rare for anyone to find their wands first try, how about this one? Black Walnut, Dragon Heartstring, 12 inches." As she waved this wand, all of the drawers on Mr. Ollivander's desk opened and shut at once, almost trapping his finger inside. "Obviously not that one, well, 3rd times the charm, this one is Rosewood, but a very light shade, with a phoenix feather core, and it is 11 1/2 inches long." She didn't have to even wave this wand, because as soon as she touched it, the temperature of the room plummeted another 10 degrees, and that was when Ollivander looked at her with a curious look. He said, "I think this wand is correct for you."

"What do you mean? It didn't do anything!"

"Oh yes it did, it dropped the temperature of the room about 10 degrees."


"Yes, and it wasn't that different from the cold that came when you came into the store. I think this wand is the best fit for you I have."

"Thank you Mr. Ollivander!" Elsa said as she left the money on the counter and left the store.

"That was strange." He thought after she had left.

Authors Note: I wonder what's going to happen in the next chapter? More Harry? More Ed and Al? More Anna and Elsa? The only people that know are the people I have told my secret plan too :P

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