Touched By An Angel (Liam Payne fanfiction)

It's about a girl named Delaney, she's a guardian angel. Liam's girlfriend messed him up so much it broke her heart. She was sent from god himself to save Liam's life. Though she's only given a year. During their year together she and Liam start to get closer and closer. Also on her mission she finds out she isn't just here to help Liam but to help all the boys individually. Also little does she know her past is gonna start to creep back to her. The past she never wishes anyone have to live.


4. My Mission

Delaney's POV

He's gotten worse. He's more tired than usual. He sleeps a lot, it's like he has no purpose. He's not cheeky at all anymore, right now he's in his bed crying is eyes out praying saying "Please God help me. I don't know what to do. I don't like what's become of me. I hate being in the dark. Lord I pray you give me strength to carry on. I need an angel or a guardian angel. Please, please help me." He pleads and pleads. This prayer is more desperate and needing, it just rips my heart out of my chest. I can only imagine how he feels. Yes, granted that I used to be depressed and I used to self harm and I still have scars that remain on my wrists, legs and stomach but to me I feel his situation is much more worse than mine was. I know I sound crazy but in heaven you learn to become selfless. My thoughts were interrupted, "Delaney Klebold." A bold yet kind voice  echoes through out the white room. Yes, it's God. No, I don't know what he looks like, you see he's like the wind, you can't see him but you can feel him. "Yes sir?" I say in reply. "Delaney, I've been watching you." He says, I gulped. "I can see how you've taken a particular caring to someone down on Earth." I gulped again. "Delaney, what is it about him?" He asks me in a soft spoken voice. "I don't know, I guess I just took a liking to him right away." I respond unsure. "Do tell." He says in the same voice again. "Sir, he has a wound earful personality, he's funny, caring, protective, cheeky..." I laugh when I say he's cheeky, I can see the smile on God's face as well. "But sir, he's lost his way. He's slipped into a dark place where he can't get out and I feels as if he's all alone. He hurts himself. His prayers are so desperate and so needing. Sir, I know there are so many others in greater desperate need. But he is so greatly loved by so many. Please, pease can...may you save him." I say, more like beg. There's silence. I start to get anxious. "Delaney, I've been watching him as well. I've been waiting to see if you'd ever come to." He says. I felt ashamed with myself. I suddenly found my shoes interesting. "I guess I was scared that you would say no sir, because his problem isn't as great as other people on Earth." I say. "Why don't you show me him." He said calmly. I smiled brightly. "May I see Liam Payne please." I say, Liam comes into view, my smile quickly goes away. Now he's in his bathroom in a corner cutting, with tears in his eyes saying terrible things about himself. I've never seen him cut before, I'd just see more and more scars on his arms but never the real process. The sighting hurt me so much it felt as if someone took my heart and stabbed it a million times, tears started to form and fall down my face. I felt comfort as of someone is hugging me. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be emotional like this..." I say but is interrupted "Delaney, there's no need to be sorry. I agree with you, this boy needs to be saved by someone." Oh God I can't believe it, Liam's gonna be ok. "Oh thank you so much. Um who would you like to send and I'll go get them ready for their mission." I say overly excited. He started to chuckle a little bit, I had a confused written on my face. "Delaney you came to me and told me about this boy and you're the one who has been watching over him and you care about him." He explained. I was still confused a little bit. "Forgive me sir, I still don't quite understand" I say, I don't know why I was so formal. "Delaney, I want you to go to him and guide him." He said plainly. I was in shock by what he said. "Oh God thank you so much!" I say over joyed. I feel his happiness as if I could see the smile clear on his face. "Now you're given a year to make things in that boy's life right." He said now more stern as if to make sure he got his point across. I just simply nodded, understanding what he meant. He didn't want me getting too attached to Earth or Liam. "Before you go Delaney I must warn you, you will feel your old emotions like you did on Earth before you came here." He said in a warning tone. "Sir, I still feel every emotion when ever I watch over him." I say. "Vey well I'll see you in a year's  time Delaney." He said. I chuckle "Thank you, but for the last time please call me Laney." He chuckles as well. "Very well....Laney." I chuckle again, I feel him leave. Knowing I'm alone I turn around and pronounce Liam's name into nothing. He appears on the screen, now he's sitting down at his table just staring at his plate with no emotion. Then, he broke down crying. He put his face in his hands. I didn't know anyone could hold so many tears. I couldn't take it anymore, I left the room to get ready my mission. 

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