Touched By An Angel (Liam Payne fanfiction)

It's about a girl named Delaney, she's a guardian angel. Liam's girlfriend messed him up so much it broke her heart. She was sent from god himself to save Liam's life. Though she's only given a year. During their year together she and Liam start to get closer and closer. Also on her mission she finds out she isn't just here to help Liam but to help all the boys individually. Also little does she know her past is gonna start to creep back to her. The past she never wishes anyone have to live.


2. Introduction

  Hi, my name was Delaney Klebold. I have long wavy hazel brown hair and pale skin. I have very light icy blue eyes. My life wasn't so great. My dad was a very nasty bitter alcoholic and drug addict. He was very abusive towards my mother and myself. My dad had rubbed off on my brother, Dylan Klebold, and he turned violent as well. My mom was killed in a rode side shooting. You see my family lived in a very poor part of Denver Colorado. I met a boy at school, his name was Eric Harris. Things started to go all wrong at home so I moved in with Eric. What a terrible mistake that was. He was nice at first then he started using me as if I was just a thing to him and not a human being. He started to rape me and beat me and torture me by doing the most terrible things you can think of. Due to that and the things that happened at home I went to self harm. Eric found out and I got beat even worse than before. One night I escaped from him and ran as far as I could from those houses as I could. I ended up spending a few nights at a park on a bench. Then came that terrible, terrible day at my school at 11:18 April 20 1999. It felt like a normal day at my school, Columbine High. The day started normal at first, but you know the old saying "it's calm before the storm". I remember the day as if it were yesterday. I was in the library where many other kids were. Then I heard the ear blasting noise. Gun shots. I quickly got under a table and got into a ball. There were more gun shots and people screaming. I saw two girls and two guys hiding behind a book shelf. One gunman was walking straight towards them. One of the guys tried to wrestle the gunman to the ground but he was shot point blank in the chest. I looked over at the group again and we shared the same expression of horrified. I looked around and saw the exit hadn't been too far away, about twenty yards away. I signaled to them and they nodded. I had mouthed for them to go on three. When I had reached three we shot up and sprinted towards the exit. The three students had gotten out. I thought I was home free but then I felt a terrible heat in my abdomen. I looked down to see blood pouring out of my body. I never thought a person could hold that much blood in my life. I fell to the ground to see the faces of none other than my dad, brother and Eric. Everything then went black. They were the last thing I saw.


Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading this chapter! The event was in fact the columbine massacre. I know there were only two gunmen but I decided to add her dad. Those were the actual names of the gunmen during Columbine. Dot worry One Direction will be coming very very soon I promise! Thank for reading this first chapter. Like I said please comment they're incouraged!

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