Touched By An Angel (Liam Payne fanfiction)

It's about a girl named Delaney, she's a guardian angel. Liam's girlfriend messed him up so much it broke her heart. She was sent from god himself to save Liam's life. Though she's only given a year. During their year together she and Liam start to get closer and closer. Also on her mission she finds out she isn't just here to help Liam but to help all the boys individually. Also little does she know her past is gonna start to creep back to her. The past she never wishes anyone have to live.


1. Author's Note

Hi guys! You may know me from my other stories. I'd like to tell you that this story evolves a real event that happened in U.S history and know that my character is not related to the people what so ever. I just made her up in my mind. Ok, so with that said let's get started shall we? And feel free to leave comments, in fact they are incouraged!

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