Destiny's Calling

Destiny's dream has always been to become a warrior. The only thing standing in her way is her gender. She must struggle through a world full of people who don't believe in her. When her time comes to prove herself, will she collapse under the pressure or earn the honor she deserves?


3. Journey's Beginning


Chapter Three


        Today was the day. I jump out of bed, causing Dawn to wake with a start, and hurriedly get dressed into my normal attire: my white wool coat with a simple shirt underneath, dark pants, knee high boots, and white gloves. I jog out the door, not heading towards the middle of the village when the Queen will issue a mission, but to Reggie's Blacksmith. Before I do anything today, I will need my own weapon.

        I enter the blacksmith coolly and confidently, and immediately confront Reggie and his Guardian,  a black bear named Rocco.

        "I'd like a sword please." I tell him, holding my head up a little higher. Reggie looks at me for a second before letting out a deep chuckle. Even Rocco seems amused. I keep a straight face and look and Reggie expectantly. Once Reggie is finished laughing, he looks at me curiously.

        "All right," he agrees, "the swords are over here." He leads Dawn and me to one end of the blacksmith where the swords are kept. "Now, I'll ask you a few questions and then I will give you a sword to test that I think is right for you. If you don't like that sword, I will keep searching to find the perfect sword for you."

        I nod at him, motioning for him to start.

        "Do you like to fight with a two-handed or a one-handed sword?"


        "Do you want a light sword or a heavy sword?"


        "And finally, do you want a sharper edged sword, or a more dull edged sword?"


        Reggie nods and looks at all the swords before taking one off the rack. It was a slim, smooth sword with a chestnut colored hilt. He carefully hands me the sword, and it is very light, a little too light. I shake my head and hand it back to him.

        "It's a bit too light and the hilt doesn't really feel right." I announce. Reggie then puts the sword back and selects another one. This one is a bit larger than the last, with a black hilt, sharp point, and it is light, but not too light like the last one. This one was perfect.

        "I'll take it." I say. Once I pay for the sword and sheath it, I head towards the middle of the village. As I arrive, a crowd has already formed around the statue, which is a sculpture of a warrior and it's Guardian. I place a hand on Dawn's head and smile at her, before turning to the sound of trumpets.

        A group of warriors on their horses form a tight circle around the majestic Queen Lilian and her beautiful white armored horse. She leads her horse into the center of the crowd, and everyone becomes quiet. Her Majesty clears her throat and begins to speak.

        "Citizens of Aaewyn, as you all have heard, our precious Stone of Serenity has been stolen." she declares. "For those of you who do not know, the Stone of Serenity is the center of the peace in our Kingdom. It was created by a great wizard by the name of Icvras Apzora. For centuries it has placed a magic border around our Kingdom to keep out our enemies and all others wishing harm upon Aaewyn. Now that the Stone is gone, that border is gone and we are left vulnerable and unprotected.

        "In order to restore the peace, I, Queen Lilian, shall choose five warriors worthy of the job to go and retrieve the precious Stone. I have decided to choose four new warriors and one of my most loyal warriors. I will announce these warriors to you now. Warren Optior, please step forward."

        Warren proudly steps forward and bows to the Queen.

        "Xander Eqor, please step forward."

        A slim looking boy with jet black hair moves to the front of the crowd and reciprocates Warren's actions.

        "Ryker Elore, please step forward."

        A muscular blond boy steps up this time.

        "Thomas Craleus, please step forward."

        I mentally groan. Not that jerk, I think. Thomas smugly takes his place next to the others.

        "And last but not least," Queen Lilian states. I hold my breath as I wait for the next name.

        "Chris Drilin."


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