Taken From Me

Chloe and Harry. Hollywood's dream couple. Everybody wants a relationship as perfect as theirs. But what happens when that relationship is ruined?

Harry Styles, member of One Direction, is kidnapped. Taken on the streets of an alley by a local bar. What does this do? It hurts Chloe. She can barely breathe without him. She won't eat. She can't sleep. She hurts herself. The other four boys are in bad shape as well. Liam has taken over, and is trying to pick up the pieces to everyone's broken hearts. Niall blames himself. Zayn has gone mute, he doesn't say a word, or do anything actually. And Louis has fallen apart.

Can Chloe and the boys save Harry? And what happens when some surprising guests and shocking betrayals occur? Love will blossom, shocking betrayals and truths will be uncovered, and enemies will be made.

~ Taken From Me


1. Prologue

 "Can you tell me your name please?"

 "But I told you last time."

 "Well, I need you to tell me one more time."

 "Fine. My name is Chloe Johnson."

 "How old are you?"


 "When was the last time you saw your boyfriend?"

 "We went on a date, to a new movie I wanted to see. Then, he was gone."

 "Which movie was it?"

 "Catching Fire."

 "Do you have any idea why anyone would target him?"

 "Because he's a rich superstar with a bunch of money."

 "Does he have any enemies you might be aware of?"

 "No. Everyone who met him loved him."

 "How much do you love him?"

 "Don't ask me that."

 "I need an answer Ms. Johnson."

 "I'm sorry. I-I can't do this. I'm not ready."

 "One last question, okay? Then we'll be done."


 "What was his name?"

 "Ha-Harry Styles."

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