Her or Me?

Ariana Lington is a sophomore at Inglewood Highschool in LA. She gets bullied and is beautiful . Alejandra Gomez is the same but popular. What happens when a boys moves here and doesn't know who to choose ?


3. New Boy


Im on my way too my locker as quickly as I can so no one will notice me. I get to it open it. Grab what I need for math and I'm gone. 

'Hey ! Where do you think your going ? ' I hear the school's worst jock ever, Drew, say. 

He pushed my against my locker and grabbed my books. 'Blah Blah Blah Blah. Dont you ever have anything better to do ?' He said as he throw my books and papers. 'Hey!' I yell as i push him , only to get pushed back into the locker. 

'Loser' Was the last thing he said to me as he walked away . 

I got to math and sat up front. Since all the other people always sit in the back so they can get on their phones and stuff. One by one everyone came in and got to their seat and just talked , along with the 4 barbie dolls who just ignored me. 

The teacher finally came in followed by a cute boy . My height but a bit taller, tan, brownish black hair, nice taste in style to me at least. He also had a lip ring. Holy Motherfudger Jesus . He is gorgeous . The only empty seat was behind me . But also behind Alejandra. Great .

'Class ! Sit Down ,this here is a new student. His name is Mario . He is from New York so welcome him to the west side of the US.  Now you cant take a seat behind Ariana . '

I raised my hand so he would know who i am and he walked towards me giving me a smile. He sat down behind me and the class just went on normally . 


*RINGBINGDONG* (.-. ignore the horrible bell ) 

Finally math is over. As much as i love school math makes me dislike it a bit. 

I was going to die. I got up with my books but before i could go someone patted me on the shoulder. It was Mario .

'Hi . Um can you help me find my next class. ?' He asked. Was he blushing. ?

He's blushing. Holy Shit. 

'Sure let me see your schedule? ' I asked .

He handed it to me and we had all the same classes except for chemistry. 

'You have all my classes except for chemistry which is after the next class so come on . And hurry .' I told him as we walked out the door. Why hurry? Cause a guy like him doesnt need to get to a bad start here being seen with me . Thats why . 

'So its Ariana right ?' He asked as we walked down the hall. 


'How is it like here?' 

'Umm. Horrible. You made a bad choice of coming here. Im not popular so you dont want to be seen with me . And everyone here is a bully. ' I told him.

'Well then .. To me it looks like it hasnt been a bad choice. And i dont care if your not popular and every school has bully's so. Yea.' He said while winking at me . 

'Uhhhhh. Well thanks then. But the 4 main girls you should avoid here is Liliana, Stephanie, especially Rachel and Alejandra.' 

'Let me guess. Theyre the schools best girls and either Alejandra or Rachel is head cheerleader.' 

'Yep . But Alejandra is captain of the dance team.' 

'She seemed nice to me last period.'

'Yea. '

'Well here we are. History . ' 

I say as we got in the class. He seems nice.

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