Her or Me?

Ariana Lington is a sophomore at Inglewood Highschool in LA. She gets bullied and is beautiful . Alejandra Gomez is the same but popular. What happens when a boys moves here and doesn't know who to choose ?


2. Alejandra

' Wake up ! Wake up Faggggg. ! Wake up '

I could barely hear mumbling . My dreams were slowly coming into an end. But in a flash I feel cold ice water . 'SHIT! What the hell Damian and Yami !' I yell at my 14 year old brother Damian and 12 year old sister Yamilet. 'Your gonna be late! ' They say as the leave the room and leave the door to get to their bus stop to Middle School . 7: 30 . Half an hour. Just enough time . Rachel is gonna pick me up anyway . I run to the bathroom I share with my brother and sister. A mess already and im going to make it even worse . I brush my teeth and washed my face and did everything in the bathroom. My teeth are white but no perfectly straight. I need braces but don't have the money for it. I put on a tanktop with a small varsity jacket with a hoodie over it, some jeans and some jordans. Nice for a stupid Monday. Comb my hair and left it naturally wavy .

'Alexjandra ! Rachel is here! '

'Coming Ma!' I live in a small house so it take long to get to the door . cx.

I ran out with my bookbag and got in Rachels car. 'Hey Boo . ' She told me . 'Hey Potatoe. ' I told her. That was my name for her. She's my best friend.

'Cant believe  Monday's here! I cant wait to see the new boy!' She squealed.

"What if he's not even cute?'

'Then that would be depressing.' I laughed at her reply . 'Oh wow.

We arrived at school and right in harmony with the other girls , Liliana and Stephanie. 'Well right on beat was that parking ' Rachel laughed at my comment.

We got out and greeted some friends and went into somewhat heaven/hell . Im also a bit curious for the new boy. Hope he will fit in anyway. Cause if you don't fit in , bummer for you . I try to stand up for some but doesn't always work . Yet you bully me or talk behind my back and I find out , its not going to be good for you. Since I am at the top of social life here.

And I actually like it .


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