Heaven to Hell

"Why should I care?!? They won't like me any more than all you air headed retards do! They won't be anything like me!"

And with that I stalked off, but not before turning and asking where the newbies were coming from.


2. Scar's Rules Of The Rebel Lifestyle

Scar's Top 10 Rules of The Rebel Lifestyle

10) Only stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.

9) We, in fact , ARE freaks. but we are to embrace it.

8) Preps,Pops, and Hipsters are to be ignored and shunned by our community.

7) We are an army, a family, against those who reject us. Stick to your freak family. FOREVER.


5) Angels.Are.Death(x100000)

4) Show no mercy or weakness in sight of others.

3)Black Makeup was made for a reason. Use It. And don't skimp on the eyeliner

2) ALWAYS question rules, directions, and authority.

1) This rule is secret. Only by breaking it will you find out what it is.

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