Heaven to Hell

"Why should I care?!? They won't like me any more than all you air headed retards do! They won't be anything like me!"

And with that I stalked off, but not before turning and asking where the newbies were coming from.


3. Collection


I was sleeping in my bed , doors locked, windows shut , hoping that the guards would forget my house and move on , keeping me from going to heaven. So of course with my luck I was rudely awoken by guards and I screamed bloody murder as they threw me in the collection vehicle. Of course I was the first one they picked up. I sat dejectedly in the far corner watching as the "oh so tough" facades of the 'punk angels' fell when they entered the vehicle. They cowered from my stance and whimpered at my glare. I was the only true rebel here. That much is proven .

" how many of you actually agree with the quote " rebel lifestyle?'" I asked with a roll of my eyes . Only two hands went up . Two hands on bodies I hadn't noticed. Bodies with faces I didn't know.

"You two. Here. Now."

They walked up and were obviously twins. A girl and a boy. Roughly fifteen. Useful .. Possibly

"Your names are?"

The girl answered quickly

" Sky but I go by Cinder."

I shot a look at the guy and he cleared his throat before saying

"Greg but I use Kristoff"

"Okay well Cinder, Kristoff, you two are now in charge of making the rest of these whimpering posers toughen up . Go!"

They both ran off and started doing as told

I mentally smirked and thought, 'rule two of the rebel lifestyle : ALWAYS question orders and directions'

The vehicle started up again and I sat down and raked a hand through my hair. To heaven we go.

I plug in my earbuds that I snuck in and start blasting "fallen angels" by black veil brides. I almost laughed at the irony of the moment. Almost.

That's the one thing ill miss about down here. Having our music. We aren't allowed to hum or sing our songs up there.as the vehicle drove over the border, we were confiscated of all demon things. I nearly cried when they took my converse and iPod away.Nearly.

But then again there's rule

Vic's POV ~~~~~~,~~~~~~~~~

Today was the day that the demons were coming up from hell and I'm seriously hoping there's at least one sane one there.

I sat through art staring at the clock waiting for the bell to ring. Once I found out we were allowed to choose our demons in a sort of auction, I was psyched . They come out dressed as angels and we bid over them , one by one. The whole thing started at two ish and I was ogling the clock

Thirty seconds........twenty seconds....... Ten.... Five..... Three,two ...... RRRRRRNNNNNGGGG

I didn't care if we were dismissed or not, I bolted to the auditorium and took a front row seat. Demons in dresses? We should be paying to see this .

Scars POV ~~~~~~~~~~~~,

I rushed around backstage still being my stoic idgaf self. All the girls were in these flowy, white girl shit dresses. And they were happy about it.gah it made me sick thinking how my supposed "rebel family" was just preppy underneath. That's why I was so nervous. I was about to show myself to these preppy losers. I was like every other girl going to be wearing a flowy dress up onstage. Only they really should confiscate black dye ;). I found a pair of scissors and hacked the ridiculous maxi dress into my style short tutu . Hiding all evidence, I slid into the girls restroom and locked the door before beginning dyeing my dress. While waiting for it to soak I looked up and saw something sticking out of a vent. Climbing on top of the sink, I pulled the object out and jumped down. I looked inside and gasped. All of our iPods and chucks were in there as well as anything we had studded . My dress had finished soaking and I dried it under the hand dryer before slipping it on. It fit like a glove. I put that on with my chucks and started layering on the studded belts and chains. I layered my makeup on thick and teased my hair.I was so lucky I went on last.

Vic's POV ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I sat through all the flowy dress and happy smiles, not at all wanting any of them . I thought there'd be a special one ,a spunky one not ashamed to be a demon. I was wrong. There was still one left and I was still able to drop out of the school. The last walked out . Her name was April and she was just like the others. I shook my head no and stood up to leave.

"Mister! Please! There's still one left. "

"I don't care! I'm leaving this school "(me)

" you pathetic worthless little emo angel. Ha you don't even deserve to be an angel"

I stood straighter and smirked

" guess what? People's words. Will never harm me for I am -"

I was cut off

"In the MCRmy " I turned and gaped at the girl standing behind me.

She wore the standard angel dress, but it was black and she had layers and layers of studded leather. I looked over her for a good few minutes before she smirked and said

"Like what you see? Ha I'm scar. Demon in Correction and rebel dimension wide."

"I'm Vic . That's all you need to know."


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