I Dont Belive in Ghosts


7. the temple

"Why have we been driving so long" I moaned

"We must get to our home" he replied smiling back at me.

I'm confusion I pondered this thought for awhile. A tall mountain came into view. A giant hole blocked the path way up but brother kept on driving.

"Umm what about the hole" I asked

He sped up even more

"I'm being serious right now"

He sped up even more


Going full speed we rushed on with a big gust of wind. The wind was so strong I had to close my eyes but when I opened them we where past the hole. I looked up and see a giant temple on the mountain top.

"What is that " I asked

"Hone " he replied

"Umm ok"

"I'll explain everything later"

We parked the car and walked up to the big gate. My brother pulled out a giant rusty key and unlocked it. Inside where pieces of china probably more than 1 thousand years old.

My brother grabbed my stuff and led me up a giant stairway into a giant bedroom. We both sat on the bed.

"What is this place" I asked

"It is your great great grandmothers house"

"What how did she afford this"

"She didn't buy it it bought her"

"Ok that sounds creepy"

"Yah your right" he laughed

"Then how did she get this place "

"She just came here when her heart felt that it was right"

"Wow that was so deep stuff you just said" I giggled

He gave me a hug and wished me goodnight.

"I'll be waking you up early tomorrow for training" he smiled

" Training for what" I asked

"I'll explain tomorrow" he said closing the door

I snuggled into the thick silk blankets and lad there thinking. What was training for. Do I have powers. If so are there more like me. Does my brother have powers. His he even my brother. Who is my mother. As these thought pondered in my head I fell into a deep dark sleep.

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