I Dont Belive in Ghosts


6. The Talk

I come in and sit down.

"You weren't supposed to find out yet" he said pacing back and forth.

"Find out what" I asked

"No this can't be happening"

"What the heck is going on"

"Ok, you are a healer"

"A what"

"A healer a person that heals ghosts and spirits"

"Those things don't exist"

"Then what where they"

I had to think for awhile. "Ok you got me "

"Go up stairs and pack your stuff know"

I ran upstairs without another word. I grabbed the biggest bag I had and stuffed it with stuff. That bag got to full so I stuffed another and another. I came down stairs with all my stuff. My brother took it and packed it in the truck. He filled the front seat up with food and tons of water bottles.

"Did you get you blankets and pillows " he asked

"No why " I responded

"Go get them know"

I did so when I came back downstairs and all the food in the kitchen was in the truck I put the rest of my stuff in and got in. 5 minutes later all the lights were off and my brother locked all the doors. He started the car and we where off. Would I ever see my l house again. Where are we going. I had so many questions.

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