I Dont Belive in Ghosts


9. The room of nightmares

"Leandra wake up" the voice said again.

The light slowly faded away and I saw a familiarly face.

"Brother" I asked the blurry figure

"Yes are you ok" he asked

" I think so what happened"

"You walked into the room of nightmares"

"Ok can I get some rest "

he lifted me up and carried me to my room. He set me down and ran down stairs. 5. Lonely minutes later he came back up with some soup and tea. Will slowly sipping on my soup and tea we talked about places not to go like the room of nightmares or his bathroom.

"When do I have to go to training " I asked

"When you feel better" he said then kissed me on the forehead, turned on the tv and slipped out.

Sitting there for a few hours thinking about what I had gotten myself into I slowly drifted into a calm peaceful sleep.

"Wake up" he whispered in my ear

"It felt like I was asleep for a day" I groaned in my morning voice.

"Make that two" he replied.

I quickly sat up"TWO DAYS"

"Yes but that's how the room of nightmares works. You get a bad dream and then a few days of nice calm ones" he said

"What did I miss in training " I asked.

"Nothing really learning students and teachers names mostly" he confessed

"Do I have training today"

"Yes so get up get dressed in those black cloths on your chair and meet me downstairs."

He walked out and I pushed myself out of bed. I walked over to the chair to look at the trading close. Black with a strip going down on side and my last name on the front and the back. I slipped them on and looked into mirror. I was small and a little tubby. My crazy blonde hair was combed and bit into a nice neat ponytale.

"You look darling" he said just as I got into the kitchen.

"Thanks and those blue pjs look nice on you to

We both ate a large breakfast. He handed me a book bag full of food and water.

"What's all this for" I asked

"Training is very exhausting"

I nodded and zipped up my back pack. We headed into the car. After a short drive we parked in front of a place that look like our house but a million times bigger.

"What did I get myself into" I mumbled

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