I Dont Belive in Ghosts


4. The Bus

My first day of 6th grade. New town. New friends. Like I even had friend. And new school. The bad thing is my dreams had been getting worse. I have seen "Lindsay" once or twice since the hospital dream. She was talking about nonsense like usual.

I got dressed like normal. Nothing fancy like most kids. My biggest fear is the bus,bullies,spiders,roller coasters, clowns, haunted houses, ghosts, and normal stuff people hate.

I saw the bus rolling down the street. My stop was the last one. A little boy was also at my stop. He was a little shorter than me which made me happy because I'm short.

"So what's your name" the boy asked me

"I'm Leandra how about you" I asked

"I'm Mason" he answered

"That's a nice name" I mumbled

"Same with you"

"What class are you in" I choked up

Mason looked at a piece of paper he was holding.

"Umm Mrs.James"

"Oh cool me too"

The bus came to a roaring stop at the end of my street.

"Do you want to sit with me" mason asked

"Umm ok did you just move here" I said

"Yes did you"


Me and mason say down in a seat in the middle of the bus. After talking about homework, schedules and stuff I looked out the window. A black smoke started to form outside. All of a sudden a face that looks like a demon appeared. It stuck its hand through the window and grabbed me by the neck. Without warning I let out as spin chilling scream. The bus came to a stop. I jumped out of my seat and ran off the bus. While running down the street I saw a car coming full speed for me. Hoping I would go under the car I dropped to my belly. The car zoomed over my head. I jumped up and looked behind me to see the bus driver coming for me. I kicked of my shoes because the wear slowing me down.

My house was 15 minutes away so that was like a 15-20 minute run. I was half way their to see my bus driver was gone. I looked in front of me to see a black horse. On the horse was the same figure that scared me on the bus. This time the figure had a weapon that looked like it was meant for chopping off heads.

"STOP" I yelled

The horse came to a stop and the figure got off.


The figure dropped the weapon.

"Come here" I demanded

"Can you talk" I asked

It nodded no

"Are you a ghost"

It nodded yes

"What do you want"

It stepped closer and pointed to its chest. There was a sword shoved in it.

"Do you want it out"

It nodded yes

I grabbed the sword and pulled it out. The sword had wrapping on the handle. I unwrapped it and wrapped it around its chest. The sword turned into dust a blew away.

"Better" I asked

I nodded yes

"Can you give me a ride home"

It nodded lifted me up and we rode off.

"Do you know where my house is "

It nodded yes.

5 minutes later we where outside of my house. I jumped off and thanked him. I was about to walk inside when I wanted to ask him a question but he was gone.

I unlocked the door and walked in. My brother sat at the dinning room table.

"Why aren't you at work" I asked

"We need to talk" he demanded

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