I Dont Belive in Ghosts


3. Just a Dream

"Shhhhh" the figure whispered while lifting its hand of my face.

It react out and covered my eyes. In a panic I yanked off. When I opened my eyes to see I was in an all white room.

"Where am I " I asked

"Shhhhhh" the figure yelled.

"They come for you if you talk" It warned me.

They. Where am I. IM SO CONFUSED.

"They are gone you can talk but don't yell" it said

"Where am I" I asked

"You don't remember this place" it asked

"No" I said in confusion.

"You grew up here"

"WHAT, no I didn't"

"Yes with your family"

"But my dad and mom are gone"

"They just created that past in your head so you didn't tell anyone "

" ok wait what are you"

"I'm your sister Lindsay "

"Are you a"

"Ghost yes I am"

" ghost aren't real"

"Well you see me"

"Ghost aren't real" I said louder

"Please stop I'm real Leandra"


"You dont know what you have done" she said

A black whole appeared under my feat. It slowly sucked me in. I reached out for help but Lindsay just stood there looking at me. I looked done to see black figures trying to grab my feet. I tried kicking them away but that didn't do anything. A figure grab my foot and pulled me down. The figures back off for a second and then got closer and closer. One of them grabbed my arm an pulled me down farther. I screamed as loud I could.

Everything went black.

I woke up in a car with my brother in the front.

"You ok " he asked

"Ya just another bad dream" I answered.

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