I Dont Belive in Ghosts


2. Hospital

"How old are you " the doctor asked

I didn't say a word. "She is 10 years old" my brother responded.

After my brother went through all the questions a nurse took me into a small room with tons of cords hanging here and there.

She took my arm and hooked up a IV.

"This will pump medicine into your blood stream to keep you healthy" the nurse said.

I nodded. Another nurse came in with a tray of food and put it in front of me. She turned on the tv and then they both left.

Fears swept through my mind. My head started to spin and my stomach dropped. I looked at the IV seeing it wasn't put medicine into my blood it was sucking blood out of my body. Every thing was spinning around me. I hear faint voices screaming and yelling at me. I see figures coming towards me. One was about to touch me when I let out a blood curdling scream. Then everything went black.

I woke up in the same hospital room but every thing was back to normal. No figures. No IVs sucking my blood out. I push a button next to my bed to call the nurses over. It was 3 am. The nurses came in and brought me some water. It was all a dream.

The nurses leave and I was alone in the dark. All of a sudden I see another figure but this figure was smaller then the ones I had seen before. It step closer and closer. I was about to let out another scream when all of a sudden the figure covered my mouth.

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