I Dont Belive in Ghosts


8. Another Bad Dream


I woke up to my stomach rumbling. I wiggled out of the bed and got up. My legs wiggled like noodles and my head aced from getting up to quickly. I looked at the clock. It's only 12:00 pm. I pushed open the door and went down the long staircase. My brother never showed me around so I wandered the halls.

I came upon a big room with a large door at the end. I could barely make out what it said. I pulled it open to see a black room. I stepped inside to find the light switch but I felt a hand. The hand pulled me farther into the room.

"HELP" I screamed

No answer. I used as much might as I could and pulled myself out. The black figure appeared to be a ghost.

"STOP" I yelled

It pulled my jaw open just enough that if he pulled harder it would fall off. The ghost turned into a black puff of smoke and went down my throat.

"Help" I whimpered while I was choking

The choking stopped and I got really sick. Not knowing where I was or were the bathroom was I threw up all over the floor but it was black.

I ran out of the room. My heart racing and my lungs getting heavy.

I tried to get up stairs for help but I couldn't make it up the stairs. I tripped and fell what felt for like an hour.

Now I was breathing heavy and my heart was about to explode. I had to use all my energy on just breathing.

15 minutes later I couldn't keep going I had to stop and relax. Using the last of my energy I let out a tear. I felt my heart and lungs stop. Everything froze and a white light came closer and closer.

The light stopped moving and once again everything froze.

"Leandra are you ok" a familiar voice said

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