in memory of my childhood

a series of poems about hope, family death and life in it general hopful and grimness


1. green

 knowing  this and never seen

another day of going

of feeling attached

like the colour green


knowing places i will see

sad and loney

souting stonely

let me be.


up and down 

like a rocket ship

but fule  is gone

im on the ground


close my eyes

 to not leave this site

but be in another

of the nite

scars of pain

fall down like rain

and never to be een

I now see red and black and brown

but never seem to see

that i hear cries in myself i lie

 that it must be someone else

feel my sole


crush in the palm

of the six feet ghousty man

im hit down

gone through the ground

never to be found.

i go dark


but, but ..the calls and cried

drit in my eyes

I squint to see a boy

A boy i knew

i looked down to see blue

on him i only see green




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