Amelia's Tale of Hair and Heartbreak

Amelia Ferarah is 13 years old. Going to Pottsville Middle School and having a crush on George Walez she is a normal girl. She's a normal girl until a stressful event when her grand mother dies, then things get hectic. For some reason she deals with this event with an odd tactic. But after she's stopped grieving, she can't stop this habit. She wants to hide this habit from her family, but what if it gets out of control. She had a shot at George, but will this destroy it?


1. Grandma Rosette


I stand at Grandma Rosette's casket, and stare at her lifeless body. Tears well in my brown eyes and I ball my hand into a fist. 'I will not cry.' Easier said than done. It will be hard, her, wearing her favorite blouse and having on a bracelet I gave her. 'No crying.' I say in my mind and turn away from her white, golden trimmed eternal bed. I walk to my seat and lean against my Grandpa. 

"Amelia, Rosy is in a better place now." He says as he looks down at my red hair. He wipes one of his tears with a shaky hand. He's wearing his wedding ring and one of Grandma's. I whimper and curl closer to him. He puts his arm around me and squeezes tightly after a few long moments and releases me. 

"Stay strong Amelia." He gets up and looks a Grandma. He leans down in the casket, kissing her, I presume and goes and speaks with Grandma's friends. I stare toward my father who is crying against my mother.

"She's gone." He says. "Gone forever." Mom leans into a hug and smiles a reassuring smile. I look away at the exit. Right outside is a bathroom. I could go in there. I walk over to mom.

"I'm going to go use the restroom." I say and she nods. 'Really? Restroom? What happened to bathroom?' I think and walk out. I walk past crying people I don't know, but some I do. Most of them are Grandma and Grandpa's friends, so their strangers, but some are my cousins, who were close to her. All of my Aunts and Uncles are here so I have someone to cry on besides Grandpa and Mom. The door approaches and I push it. Except it has a sign that says 'Pull' on in and I walk out. The bathroom has a 'Pull' sign on it too, so, this time I pull it open. I lock the door and sit down on the floor, the tears start to flow out at grief washes over my now fragile body. 'How could Grandma, so strong and healthy die so suddenly?' I think. 'Age.' Is my answer. It was age. The doctors said so and so did Grandpa. I believed them, because she died in her sleep, the most peaceful way to die dad said. I put my face in my hands, my body rocking with each sob. I sit up strait like a rod when someone knocks on the door.

"Hey, Amy, it's me, Kaily." My cousin calls. She was really close the Grandma like I was.

"Don't call me Amy." I get up and unlock the door. She walks in and waits for me to close the door and lock it again before embracing me in a hug. 

"Amelia," She speaks to my shoulder. "She's gone!" She begins to cry. I hold her tightly. "I won't get her back!" She exclaims, soaking my shoulder with salty tears.

"I won't either." I say and squeeze her tightly.

"I know. I know." She pulls out of the hug and walks over to the sink. She pushes the hair out of her eyes and wipes the tears away. Someone else knocks on the door. Its Ean.

"Amelia. Kaily." He says banging on the door. "The funeral is about to start. Aunt Kate told me to get you." He leaves and I walk over to Kaily.

"I don't think I can go and watch."

"You mean your not coming to watch us celebrate her life?" She says in disbelief. "You have to."

"But I can't. I don't want to cry."

"Listen Amy." She waits for my to give her an evil look, but I cannot do anything but look at her. The sadness is too much. "Wow, you must be sad." She hugs me again. "I'll tell Aunt Kate that you'll be out soon." She leaves. I want her to stay but I know that watching the funeral for her will help her release the grief. I slump against the wall again and tears start to roll out. After about 40 minutes I got up and looked out a frosted window, it looked over at a maple tree. I lifted myself up on the windowsill and unlatched the window. I slid it up and looked outside. The flowers near the entrance rustled and I looked over. There was a man standing there. I didn't recognize him but he looked over and nodded. I waved shyly and slid back into the bathroom. I closed the window and walked over to the door. I unlocked it but didn't exit. I sink against the door and tears begin to well up in my eyes. I push them back and stand up as someone knocks on the door.

"Amelia...."  Someone says. "It's meee." I get up and open it a smidge. It's Kaily again.

"Hi." I say.

"It was just too much." She walks in and hugs me. "Aunt Kate said it will be over in an hour."

"Another hour?" I ask.

"It's only 60 minutes."

"Yes but that is.... What's 60 x 60?"


"But that's 3,600 more seconds." She waits a little bit before answering.

"Now it's only 3,585 more seconds. 3,584, 3,583, 3,583, 3,582, 3,581,"

"I get it. Now shut up."

"Snappy eyh?"

"Shut up."

"Snappy." She said, "Now, how about a game?" She twists around and grabs a bag that was over her neck. She unzips the top and pulls out her phone. Then mine.

"How did you..."

"Took it from Aunt Kate."

"My mom would never let that happen."

"Well she did, didn't she?"

"I hate you." I smiled when I said it though and snatched my phone away. She looked at me and sat down on the floor. We played a silly game where you make a character that looks like you and then you run around your town doing stupid errands for your multiplayer companion. I hated it but it was fun. My mom, Aunt Kate, knocked on the door.

"Kaily, Amelia, it's over." Kaily grabbed my phone and stuffed it back in her bag along with her own. I unlocked the door and  walked out of the bathroom. My mom informed us that dad was going with Grandpa and everyone else to the burial and that she could drive us straight to the luncheon. We agreed and we were in a happier mood in the car.

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