The Tragedy of Me

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  • Published: 25 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
  • Status: Complete
Emily's life was finally getting good, unfortunately all good things come to an end and thats exactly what happened.
Only it was her entire life that came to an end.
Now Emily finds herself in heaven where she must choose between two amazing guys.
Many secrets and events later, Emily makes her decision leaving one of the boys unhappy...
Though her life ended in a tragedy, will her afterlife be any better?
This is Emily's tragedy...


25. Sweet dreams

I woke up with Emily in my arms.

It was nice to be together again.

She looked so innocent and beautiful as she slept.

I tucked a stray curl behind her ear.

I could look at her forever.

Her eyes flutteres open and she smiled at me.

"What?" She asked.

"I have to have a reason to look at you?" I said.

"Yeah." She said nodding.

"Especially first thing in the morning, I'm a mess."

"Yeah, a hot mess." I said laughing.

Her eyes widened and she smacked my arm.

"Oww!" I yelled.

"Hey i never got my morning kiss." I said smirking.

Just as she leaned forward the door swung open.

"Hey-ew gross, get a room!"

It was Jake and Scarlet.

"Why did you give him keys?" I asked Emily.

She shrugged.

"Why is it that i alway come when you two are having a 'sleepover'?" Jake said winking.

Emily's face flushed and i could feel mine getting red.

Dirty boy.

"Nothing happened!" Emily yelled.

"I see you two are back together." Scarlet said smirking. "I'm so happy, I've never actually seen you to together. Kiss!"

"I think they were about to before we came in." Jake said.

Now Emily's face was beat red, as for mine it was probably a never before seen shade of red.

"C'mon, kiss!" Scarlett said.

"Your making them uncomfortable, this is why i didn't introduce you to them sooner." Jake said shaking his head.

Scarlet slapped him.

I thought of something to say to get them back. "How come you two aren't dating?"

The both froze and turned towards me, they burst out laughing.

Not the reaction i was hoping for.

"We're just friends." Scarlet said between laughs.

"How did you two meet?" Emily asked.

"Do you want to tell the story?" Scarlet asked Jake.

"Sure." He said.

~Jakes flashback~

I stepped off the bridge and looked around.

Where was i?

How come I'm no longer playing hockey?

"Hi there."

I jumped startled.

It was a girl with long black hair and brown eyes, she looked about my age.

"Where am i?" I asked.

"Heaven." She said. "I'm scarlet, by the way."

"Wait, I'm dead!?"

She nodded.

"You got a concussion..." She said quietly.

"Oh." I said confused.

Then i remembered.

I was on a breakaway and the biggest kid on the other team came out of no where and body checked me.

Last thing i remember is hitting the ice.

"C'mon, i'll show you around." She said and i followed her.

~end of flashback~

"So your a guide?" Emily asked.

Scarlet nodded.

"How do you get chose to be a guide?" I asked.

"You don't, you just volunteer." Jake answered.

"What should we do today?" Emily asked.

"Actually i was wondering if we could go to the dream factory?" I asked.

"Okay." They all said.

"Can more then one person go into one dream?" I asked.

"Yeah, why?" Jake said.

"I want to bring Emily somewhere. Can i go into more then one persons dream?"

Scarlet nodded.

We went to the dream factory, said hi ti Cindy and she hooked me and Emily up to the machine.

I blacked out.

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