The Tragedy of Me

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  • Published: 25 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
  • Status: Complete
Emily's life was finally getting good, unfortunately all good things come to an end and thats exactly what happened.
Only it was her entire life that came to an end.
Now Emily finds herself in heaven where she must choose between two amazing guys.
Many secrets and events later, Emily makes her decision leaving one of the boys unhappy...
Though her life ended in a tragedy, will her afterlife be any better?
This is Emily's tragedy...


33. Its a deal

~Jake's P.O.V~

"You don't know how happy i am right now! I didn't know how i was going to get over you, and now i don't!" I said holding her against my chest.

She giggled. "I just can't believe this didn't happen sooner."

We sat there taking in the scenery, the water quiet down a bit, the sun was just setting...everything was just...perfect.

"We should head back before it gets dark." I said helping her up.

She grabbed my hand and started skipping.

A little while later we made it back to the docks.

"Jake, Scarlet, you made it back!" Emily yelled running towards us and pulling us into a hug.

"Are you guys alright?" Collin asked.

"Yeah we're fine." Scarlet said smiling.

"So is tomorrow good!" Emily asked.

"Huh." I said confused.

"Well you did lose the bet, so now you two have to plan a date for us." Emily explained.

"Damn it! I thought you would forget about that." Scarlet said.

"We will do it on one condition..." I said. "It has to be a double date." I looked over at Scarlet and winked.

She blushed.

"Did we miss something?" Collin asked confused.

Scarlet nodded.

"Wait so you two..." Emily started.

I nodded.

"No way! I can't believe it, i thought this day would never come!" Emily said jumping around. "Its a deal!"

~date night~

"Jake, can you pass me the salad dressing please." Scarlet said.

"Um no." I said trying to keep a straight face.

"Jake c'mon, their going to be here any minute." She said frustrated.

I grabbed the dressing out of the fridge and handed it to her but at the last second i pulled it away.

She glared at me.

"First i want a kiss." I said tapping my cheek.

She looked as if she wanted to bite my head off.

She leaned towards me and puckered her lips, but instead of kissing me she took the dressing out of hands.

"Hey!" I said.

"Thats what you get!" She said laughing.

Just then the doorbell rang. I ran to the door and opened it.

"Hey guys, come in!" I said.

"Yum it smells good!" Emily said.

"I know I'm an awesome cook." I said laughing.

"Jake she said it smelt GOOD." Collin said.

I punched him in the arm as we all took our places at the table.

We all sat in silence as we stuffed our faces.

When we were done i pushed my plate back.

"That was so good." I said rubbing my stomach.

"Scarlet you did an amazing job." Collin said.

"Aw thanks." She said smiling.

"Emily tell them about Tim from the movie rental store." Collin said laughing.

"Oh yeah, okay so Tim use to go to an acting college back on earth and so him and his friend totally got us today. They are really good actors. He was helping us find a movie when his friend burst into the store yelling 'this is a robbery, put your hands up!' We thought it was real! And -" she was cut off by the sound of Scarlets chair.

"Sorry i just remembered i left something in the oven."

It hit me. "Robberies are a touché subject, don't take it personal, i'll be right back." I whispered going after Scarlet.

"Do you want to talk about it." I asked her.

"Theres nothing to talk about, you know what soon as she started talking about a robbery all i could think about was that day." She said tears forming in her eyes.

My heart broke for her.

She was talking about the day she died.

Her parents owned a bookstore and so she would always help out.

One day though when her parents were In the back room a man came in and tried to rob them.

He couldn't open the cash register and asked Scarlet the passcode.

Since she never used the cashier (she just stocked the books), she was only thirteen, she didn't know.

The man got mad and shot her.

Even though i wasn't there i could still kind of picture what of would it might have looked like.

"Hey its okay, that's in the, no one can hurt you now." I said hugging her.

"Thanks Jake." She said kissing my cheek.

It was still a bit weird when she kissed me because i was so use to us being friends.

But i wasn't complaining.

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