The Tragedy of Me

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  • Published: 25 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
  • Status: Complete
Emily's life was finally getting good, unfortunately all good things come to an end and thats exactly what happened.
Only it was her entire life that came to an end.
Now Emily finds herself in heaven where she must choose between two amazing guys.
Many secrets and events later, Emily makes her decision leaving one of the boys unhappy...
Though her life ended in a tragedy, will her afterlife be any better?
This is Emily's tragedy...


24. Confession session

I went into Emily's house.

Everyone was on the couch waiting for me.

Emily had a ice pack on her head.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah." She said.

"Do you think we can skip the movie? I really need to talk to you." I blurted out.

"Umm alright." Emily said unsure.

"Jake and i will leave you two alone." Scarlet said dragging Jake out the door.

"Whats up?" Emily asked as i sat next to her.

"Kyle told me about the file." I said.

She went pale.


I cut her off "its alright, Kyle pretty much told me that he set you up, he wanted you to find something bad about me." I said.

"I still looked though, i shouldn't have, i just wanted to know more about you." She said looking guilty.

"Its alright i forgive you." I said. "What did you see?"

"Well...i found out that you were bullied, you had heart problems, your grandfather verbally abused you and..." she stuttered " pulled the plug on your mechine." She finished quietly.

I was hoping she didn't read that.

"I was really short and skinny when i was in elementary school, so kids picked on me, my heart was always giving me problems, my grandfather always use to tell me that i was too skinny and wimpy, that i needed more muscle." I said.

There was sympathy in her eyes.

That wasn't even the worst part.

As much as i didn't want anyone to know this i knew it would help me by telling someone.

"Okay so first of all, i didn't pull the plug because i wanted to commit suicide....


I had just woken up, i was constantly sleeping, thats all i ever did.

I hear the doctor talking to my parents.

"There is nothing we can do, but you are free to keep him on the machine for as long as you want."

I heard heels clicking on the floor slowly fading.

The doctor must had left.

I heard crying.

Most likely my mom.

"Hun i don't know how long we can keep him on it for, its just too expensive." My dad said.

"So we are going to have to do it?" My mom choked out.

"Yeah i guess so, we are already downsizing, soon we are going to end up on the streets." My dad said.

I knew what i had to do.

No parent should have to pull the plug on their child.

So after writing the note the following morning i pulled the plug...

~end of flashback~

I let my tears fall not bothering to hide how much it hurt.

Because of me my parents had no money.

They were going to pull the plug, i know they had no choice but it still hurt, it felt like they gave up on me.

Emily was hugging me.

I didn't realize until then just how much i missed her.

I started to cry even harder.

My shoulders started to shake and i couldn't stop them.

Everything was built up, all my emotion that i wouldn't let out, it finally crumbled.

I really missed my family and Emily.

"Its alright baby, they loved you-" she stopped realizing what she said.

She called me baby.

"I miss you." I mumbled into her hair.

"What?" She asked.

"I said, i miss you, i want you back, i want to give you a second chance." I said clearer this time.

She pulled away from me. "Really?"

I nodded.

What if she didn't want me back?

What if i was too late?

She smiled.

I sighed, relieved.

I put my lips on hers.

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