There was Once Movella

A Story of How Movella turned upside down into a Writers Nightmare with sad lonely girls writing pages and pages of how they love One Direction. This is the End Of Movellas!


1. Lonely Girls

There was once a Movellas where people would share there well written and well crafted novels. There was once a Movellas where people would write brilliant and interesting stories. There was once a Movellas where people would divulge their deepest and darkest fears into the minds of the weak. Elders would frighten the Youngers with tales of witches and warlocks terrorising villages and cities. There was once a Movella where people would ask for feedback and advice to improve their writing and people would oblige. There was once a Movellas where you could look on the front page and find great stories which you wanted to read. You may be wondering what I'm getting at here and now I will tell you. One Direction.

One Direction have poisoned the mind of every girl on the planet. With there utterly atrocious music and horrendous personalities, One Direction have enslaved girls mind with utter trash. 

It's up to the real boy's to save them. So I call upon every boy who has a Movellas account to start writing punctual and interesting story to snap girls back inside their own head. It's up to us to fight against One Direction and show them who the real men are. You and Me!

Now, not in all cases is it to do with One Direction enslaving people but its also about people who are vulnerable. Some girls turn to One Direction as they haven't got many friends or they have problems with their weight or something along the lines of that. They feel insecure so turn to them as their saviour. It's your duty to stop this insecurity, help anyone who hasn't got friends or who doesn't like themselves. Report it, Befriend them, This isn't just about Movellas anymore its about the future of millions of Children worldwide, Help someone who you wouldn't usually hang around with and last of all be nice!

A concerned Child!

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