BabyGirl (Criminal Minds, Derek Morgan Lovestory)

Riley Drew is no pushover. Shes starting work at the BAU with the team for the first time, and she aint never letting her guard down. She has been through too much and did too much to turn back now. She didnt even dare say dating at a time like this. But when Derek Morgan sets his eyes on her, will she let a wall down? Or will she be stubborn and ruin the start of something?


2. Understand Me, babygirl

So while we were waiting for our next case, I decided to go explore. The coffee room was kind of big, considering there wasn't much but a coffee and an empty fridge. I went to the computer room, which was beautiful in a geeky computer techie kind of way. I slowly sat in the chair, in awe of the many computers Garcia got to mess around with every-day. The headset, so small, so fun. Hehe. Riley imagined herself saying "Hello, Riley here.", or other witty things like they said Garcia tended to do. She sat in the chair, thinking of cool things to say.
'A-hem !", Garcia said, interupting Riley's thoughts. Riley quickly stood up to apoligize, when Garcia quickly stopped her. " Its okay Riley. Really. I could understand why you would want to look in here. This whole place, its wonderful.", Gacia said, in a little bit of awe herself, reminiscing about the times she had there.
                "So you and Derek got  a lil sum sum going on huh?", Garcia joked.
"Don't even try..Babygirl...", I mocked. She laughed. " You know, that happened to me once.", Garcia began. " He called me babygirl because he didnt know my name, so he called me that. ", she explained.
" Well, its way much different. He didnt even know your name! The hell he didnt even dare to use mine", I stated. 
Garcia laughed. " Sweetheart. Trust me. Sooner or later, youre going to love Babygirl. When you hear his voice, you will be super glad. Especially if you you think he's dead or something". I put her comment in the back of my head. Baby girl. I scoffed at the thought.
                I walked over to the conference room. Damn. I was going to be here a hell of alot for crazier crimes than that. 
"So, Riley. Thinking about your future here babygirl?", a oh-so familar voice asked me.
" Thinking babes. I'm living it...right here...right now.", I said, truly meaning it.
" Drew, if you think I'm disrespecting you by calling you babygirl-", he started
"I dont have a problem with it. I just would like to know that you knew my name first before I got a new name babes", I explained.
"So whats with me being babes now?", he questioned mischeiviously.
" Hey, dont get any ideas. You dont expect nothing from this babygirl", I said, smiling. He flashed a smile.
                I think I'd be okay for now. With Derek Morgan anyways. There was still so much of the team to conquer.

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