BabyGirl (Criminal Minds, Derek Morgan Lovestory)

Riley Drew is no pushover. Shes starting work at the BAU with the team for the first time, and she aint never letting her guard down. She has been through too much and did too much to turn back now. She didnt even dare say dating at a time like this. But when Derek Morgan sets his eyes on her, will she let a wall down? Or will she be stubborn and ruin the start of something?


1. Riley Drew Moves Away

I got out of the taxi that I caught when I got off the Plan in Quantico, Virginia. I had already been there twice for moving my stuff... But now? This was final. I could never go back to my old life back in Chicago. Or Springfield. Or Alabama. My family were traveling all the time. But no. This time, I would be in the BAU risking my life to catch these criminals. Which reminded me... I had my first day at work... Today!!
    I didn't want to be late for work on the first day. I frantically grabbed my keys and drove to the main office. " Riley Drew. I'm here to see SSA Aron Hotchner please". The lady grabbed the phone and furiously started dialing. There were a few" uh hum's" and" okay's" and "no problems'". She led me to the elevator as we rode up. She pointed to his office for me and I walked there. He saw me, and shook my hand. His hand was very cold which was weird because he had just finished his coffee in a hot glass. Hm...
"Agent Riley this is SA Dr. Reid , SA David Rossi , SA Jenifer Jeruou, SA Emily Prentice, and Technical Analysis Penelope Garcia. Please feel free to ask questions. We may have to wait a while before we get a case "
I was very happy that I could talk to my team. Because man did I have questions.
" Dr. Reid...Doctor?? Let me guess. Super genius kid graduates at age ten and zooms through school because of an eidetic memory?"
He loomed somewhat surprised. "Yea that's basically it. "
I looked towards SA Rossi. " Hm... Married three times?? You have lots of stress. " he just stood there dumb founded.
"Wow. She's going through each and everyone's life story like a bullet to ten peices of paper. " Garcia exclaimed. I laughed. "Hey! It's comes naturally to you. " I said.
  " Now does it babygirl?", I believe SSA Derek Morgan asked me. I was token aback.
" What did you call me?", I said in a low angry tone.
  "Babygirl. Not that I don't have your name", he said leaning in closer " Or you. " cocky bitch ! He thought he was going to play the moves on me huh ? Well I had some good news for him
  "You're cute. Not that cute. Watch that babygirl word. ", I threatened
  "Or what? You're going to shoot me.?". , he mocked.
"Funny thing is that I have a license to babes. ", I teased.
  "I'm okay with babes. ", he said LBS( laughing but serious). I walked away saying ew on purpose so that he would hear me. He need to pop off my dick, not that I have one. But it really ticks me off when guys think of girls as prizes. And if Morgan was like any other guy, this was one prize he wasn't about to win.

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