BabyGirl (Criminal Minds, Derek Morgan Lovestory)

Riley Drew is no pushover. Shes starting work at the BAU with the team for the first time, and she aint never letting her guard down. She has been through too much and did too much to turn back now. She didnt even dare say dating at a time like this. But when Derek Morgan sets his eyes on her, will she let a wall down? Or will she be stubborn and ruin the start of something?


5. Just Admit it , Babygirl

I woke up from a beautiful nightmare. Haha, I was quoting Beyoncé. I made myself some waffles from the waffle maker when I heard a knock on the door. Checking my waffles one last time and seeing that they're done, I turned them off.
"Who is it?!!", I barked.
"Babygirl it is hot out here!", a familiar voice yelled in agony of the hot air breathing on him. I opened the door and stood there.
" Did you want something?", I said bluntly.
"Yes. I wanted to do this. " All of a sudden, he kissed me. He was a great kisser. It felt as waves crashing on one another as my liPs did with his. I probably should have pulled back when he pulled me in tighter but i
We kissed for about fife minutes when I teased him with my lips. He pouted and you could feel the lust when he bit my lip softly. I was turned on. Nothing else could ruin this moment. He picked me up, as my legs wrapped around his torso. He plopped me on the kitchen counter and we continued to kiss passionately. I almost certainly wanted to have something more, but lo and behold. My phone rang.
" Hello ?", I said somewhat annoyed.
"Hello my love. Duty calls in the office", Garcia said cheerfully.
"Alright. I'll be there in a few Penelope. ", I replied.
" HAve you seen Derek?", she asked. Lying would be okay right about now.
"Nope, but I will call him. ", I assured her.
"Pretty hard if he's in your house isn't it?", she questioned. Damn.
"How did you...", I began.
"You'd be surprised. iPhone helps you see a hell of alot when you accidentally accept a FaceTime request. ", Garcia said, somewhat laughing.
I hung up and looked at Derek. "Get out", I said. "Whaa??", he said kind of dumbfounded. "we have a case. ", I imaptiently explained. He nodded and got his keys and walked me out that door. As we pulled up at coincidentally the same time, I looked at him saying, "That kiss meant nothing. "
He looked amused. I hated that. Him being amused at my ridiculousness.

" nothing? Babygirl you almost ripped my clothes off. And you say it's nothing. Just admit it babygirl. You like me. Maybe even love me. ", he said in a singing playful tone. I just huffed and went into the building. Garcia looked at me with a funny face laughing hella hard. I gave her the shush-or-you-die face as she nodded then motioned for me to come to her computer lair. I nodded as Morgan gave me my coffee.
"Not even a thank you?"
"Not even. ", I said, sashaying down to the Lair.

"Whatta man whatta man whatta man what a mighty GOOD man", Garcia Sang. I sighed and looked toward the floor laughing. I didn't have anything to say. I mean, out of all people to find out anything bout what happened, it had to be Garcia. I guess I would have told her anyways but sheesh. I wasn't even sure if I liked Morgan? Wow. It does cOme as a question.
"He came on to me. And what can I say? There's only so much a girl can do, and I don't lime him and I didn't feel anything whatsoever. ", I said in defense. Garcia looked at me as if I was forgetting the punchline to a stuPid joke.
" You have got to be kidding me!!! You guys were so hot and steamy I swaer you guys were made on this earth to make adult movies. "
That genuinely made me laugh. The thought of us just being kissing friends wouldn't be considered as a relationship now; would it?
" Maybe so Penelope. But we won't be dating anytime soon. It's against the rules and maybe I just don't want to. " I simply put?
She looked at me," Honey sugar pie with cherry on top? Rest assure you guys will be married with four kids equally divided and a house that when the kids are gone, you'll have hot Hot SEX !!", Garcia said in a countrylike tone. Goodbye Garcia.
" No not really. Bullpen in five", she said as a matter of factly.

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