5 SOS and One Direction Imagines

Tell me your name, who with, and what you want. I will get started ASAP!


2. Jean and Ashton

Jean's POV

I was watching Finding Nemo when Ashton, my BFF, texted me. (A-Ashton J- Jean)

A- Meet me at the secret place :D

J- *smiling* Okay, Time?

A- Now

*end of convo*

Our secret place is an open area of grass with a bench at the park. It is surrounded by trees. I got there in 2 minutes since it is right by my house. I got to our "secret place" to see Ashton looking really nervous. Suddenly questions started flowing trough my head. What happened? Is everything okay? Why is he nervous? What if he asks me out or says he likes me? Snap out of it Jean! He doesn't like you like that! When he saw me he shot up and ran over to me. "Jean can we talk?" He asked. "S-sure" I stuttered. We sat on the bench both nervous now. "Jean,ever since I first saw you I knew I wanted to be with you forever. So, I was wondering, w-will you be my girlfriend?" He said nervously. I was in complete shock. When I was finally able to speak I said, "I've been waiting for you to say that for a long time." Then we both smiled before having our first kiss together.


I hope you like it!! Sorry it took so long!

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