Red rose

Katie rose wakes up every night from nightmares but they are actually memories from her past and she has the scars to prove it she changed her name to protect herself and the only people who know is her best friend, Brittney,and her guardian, Annie when she meets the boys at her school choir room she becomes close to them all but when her past comes back to haunt her can the boys protect her? Or will it hurt one of her new friends? Or maybe even her?


4. visiting the boys and truth or dare

*zayns pov*

We all got out of school and we were in the parking lot talking

"Man Katie is beautiful funny and amazing and I'm not gunna even start with her talents" Niall said

"Tell me about it man" Liam said Harry nodded

"Harry!! Are you looking at other people!!"

"I'm sorry boo bear forgive me?"

"Yes of course hazz"

We all laughed

"Meet you at the house bye guys" Louis said and he drove off

"Same here bye bye" Niall said

"I'm tired boo bear wait up" Harry said

"I have to go get my notebook I left it in class I'll meet you there bye Liam" I said and jogged back to class

I got my notebook and I heard singing it sounded familiar oh right how could I forget that voice it was Katie's I looked around till I found her

"Hey Katie"

She looked around until she saw me and laughed "hey zayn you scared me"

"Why are you still here it's 4 ad school gets out at 3"

"Annie is late"

"Annie?" I asked confused

"Oh right my uh I guess you can say she's my foster mom"

"Oh haha okay" I got the hint she didn't wanna talk about it so I didn't talk about it

"Hey I have to go pick up my notebook I left it" I said kind of embarrassed I have no clue why but I was

"Awww is zaynie boo blushing" she said punching my cheeks

"What.. No" I slapped her hand away, stuck my tongue out and ran to class only to find a girl there

"Oh my god it's zayn malik from one direction" the red head yelled

"Um yeah.. I was just getting my notebook" she nods and turns away

Then Katie comes through the door

"Hey Kay"

"I'll get you for that you scared the life out of me I thought you were kidnapped by a crazed fan or worse"


"Kidnapped by TWO crazed fans"

"Oh. My. God." I said and we both started laughing really hard

Katie's phone went off and she sighed and combed her bangs back with her hand I noticed that being a habit when she is uneasy

"Are you okay"

"No I have to walk home and I live a half an hour drive away"

"Do you want a ride or you can visit the boys at the house"

"Hmm I'll visit the boys I have nothing better to do"

"Okay haha let's go" I picked her up and we went to the house

We went to the house to see Liam and Niall

"Hey boys" Katie said they looked up and jumped to hug her

*katies pov*

"Where's Louis and Harry?" Zayn asked

"Upstairs watching a scary movie" Niall said

"Let's scare them" I said

I quickly tiptoed upstairs and once I got to the room I screamed as loud as I can

The boys jumped and screamed and hugged eachother while popcorn that Harry was holding flew everywhere

We laughed soo hard

"Who's idea was this"

"Katie's" zayn said

"WHAT ZAYN!!" I said

"What I'm a man of my word"

Next thing I knew I was thrown on someone's shoulder and was being carried

"Payback Time, boys!!" Harry said

"Please no please please" I begged

They all held me down and tickled me I squirmed and squealed

Once they all stopped we played truth or dare

"Katie truth or dare" Louis said

"Dare bring it on boo bear"

"I dare you to give zayn a hickey"

I gave a evil smile "gladly"

The boys looked at me in shock

"Really" zayn looked a little nervous

"Haha don't worry pretty boy it's just a dare"

"Fine just don't call me that"

"Haha okay"

I went on his lap and faced him and his head went to the side giving me access to his neck and I started sucking he did really quiet moans then I sucked harder and he moaned louder and I sucked even harder and he was now saying my name and moaning. Loud.

Once I was done I looked at the spot and nodded and sat down smiling it was my turn

"Okay hmmm Li truth or dare"


" I dare you to kiss one of the guys in this room"

"What" he choked on his soda he was drinking

"You heard me"

He then went up to Harry and kissed him

"Awww Hazza and Li Li"

"Haha your turn Liam"

"Katie truth or dare"

"Dare bring it on Liam"

" I dare you to snog Louis right here right now"

I went up to Louis and I kissed him then his tongue touched my bottom lip asking for entrance I opened my mouth and our tongues explored eachothers mouth and we broke apart for air and went on with the game

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