Red rose

Katie rose wakes up every night from nightmares but they are actually memories from her past and she has the scars to prove it she changed her name to protect herself and the only people who know is her best friend, Brittney,and her guardian, Annie when she meets the boys at her school choir room she becomes close to them all but when her past comes back to haunt her can the boys protect her? Or will it hurt one of her new friends? Or maybe even her?


5. truth or dare and 20 questions

*zayns pov*

I gotta admit I was a little jealous that she kissed Louis but I have a girlfriend I can't cheat and I like perrie right? Yes of course I do but man Katie is perfect and beautiful in every way no no I gotta stop thinking like this I like perrie not Katie

I like perrie







*katies pov*

"Dare her to kiss me next boo bear" Harry said

"Ha ha very funny" he said and winked at me I laughed

"Very funny okay hmm I wanna invite a couple friends is that okay"

"Sure I'll invite my girlfriend might as well" zayn said

My heart dropped I liked zayn

"Yeah you do that and I'll call my two friends Brittney and Lizzie and can I spend the night is really don't want to see Annie right now"

"Who?" The boys asked

"My foster mom"

"Oh of course you can an okay"

I called them but only Britt can come and Annie said it was fine

The doorbell rang and I ran to get it and I saw Brittney with her pretty brown hair and hazel eyes

"Hey Kay" she yelled and hugged me

"I went to knock at your house and your mom said you weren't there so I got worried because the last time you weren't there you ended up getting hu..." I put my hand over her mouth and stopped her

"I don't want to remember please please don't say it"

"Sorry of course I'm stupid I should have kn.. Is that one direction"

"Yup Niall zayn Harry Liam and Louis this is my best friend Brittney rios my other friend couldn't make it but Britt here did"

She stared at Harry and Harry stared at her yup love at first sight

He waved and smiled showing his dimples

"Hi" she said Shyly and blushed

We sat down in the living room and someone knocked and zayn went to get it he came back in with his arm around this beautiful blonde she was so pretty

"Katie Brittney this is perrie my girlfriend"

"Hello" I said while kissing her cheek and hugging her

"Hey" Britt said hugging her

"Hey girls" she smiled I smiled back showing my dimple

I sat next to Louis and all played 20 questions

They found out I move around a lot and I sing and okay the guitar piano and drums

"Katie do you have any siblings" zayn asked

"I uh umm i" I couldn't speak My stomach twisted and I was trying I fight my tears and I looked at Britt she looked back sympathetically

"Yeah she does next question"

"Oh really can we meet her" perrie asked

"No" I said quietly

"Next question" Liam said he noticed something was wrong

"Oh bummer why not" perrie asked again

"Enough about my sister don't you get I don't want to talk about her" I snapped perrie looked a little taken back

They looked at me in shock

"I'm sorry but I have to go" without a second I spare I was out the door It was windy and cold outside then I realized I forgot my jacket damn it

I was in track the previous year so I was a good runner and I ran three blocks turned the corner and I was at a park it had started to rain so I went under the cover they had on the park and cried I didn't care anymore I couldn't handle it I cried

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