Red rose

Katie rose wakes up every night from nightmares but they are actually memories from her past and she has the scars to prove it she changed her name to protect herself and the only people who know is her best friend, Brittney,and her guardian, Annie when she meets the boys at her school choir room she becomes close to them all but when her past comes back to haunt her can the boys protect her? Or will it hurt one of her new friends? Or maybe even her?


8. the dream the hospital and shopping

*katies pov*

I woke up thinking about what had happened a year ago

'Im strong you gotta be strong Katie' I told myself I cried for 5 minutes then I stopped 'that's it I got to let go I'm stronger then this Katie' I decided I needed to get up sometime so I did then I felt really light headed and everything went black.

~ the dream~

It was really dark and I was in this room in this beautiful apartment



"Hey sweetheart"


"Hey sis"

"Val you guys is that you?"

"Yes baby now we need to tell you something?"

"Anything mom what is it"

"We need to tell you to let go" I was confused let go of what of my family

"What do you mean"

"Baby let go of us I know it's hard but we don't want you hurt and we actually are still there not physically but we are" i knew it was hard I wanted to cry but at the same time I knew it was true I knew she was right

"Okay mom I will try my best to I promise I will"

"Good promise one more thing yeah?"

"Mhm what is it?"

"Have fun on your birthday and you have a big surprise coming up"

She said with a wink

"What is it"

"That's for us to know and you to find out" my sister cut in

I smirked "man I miss you all"

"Haha we love you too pumpkin"

"I'm not a pumpkin dad" I said and stuck my tongue out

"Haha I love you baby we all do but you have to wake up now sweetpea"

"Just follow the hallway through that door honey"

I hugged them and gave all of them a kiss on the cheek and did what they said to do

~end of dream~

I woke up and everything was bright I looked around and saw I wasn't in my room but in a.. Hospital? Great.

I closed my eyes because everything was just so bright it have me a headache. Man I hate hospitals. I opened my eyes one more time and saw a mop of beautiful chocolate curls

"Harry is that you?" I opened one eye and then the other and I say up

"Yeah it is are you okay"

"Yeah I am wh-what happened to me" he chuckled

"Well let's start where you fainted and you didn't wake up until today"

"Why did I faint?"

"Well the doctors said you got up to fast and your mind just gave up and when you fell you hit your head hard so yeah you just well stayed asleep"

"Oh" was all I can manage maybe it was because my parents needed to talk so they did that not because of everything else hmm

All I know is I'm happy I talked to them it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulder. Finally.


I looked up to see my best friend britt

"Britt!!" I yelled mimicking her

"Are you okay?"

"I feel amazing actually"

"That's great Kay"

"Yeah um how long have i been in here"

"Well miss Kay today is your fifth day and you may leave any time you like a young man is filling out your release papers" the nurse said and smiled kindly

I looked at Britt

"Yay girl I know this is sudden but do you want to go dress shopping with me?"

"Dress shopping?"

"Yup the boys want to take us to dinner"

"Okay then let's go"

I walked out to see Zayn filling my release papers

"Just sign here love"


I signed and we all left the hospital to the mall I tried on many clothes and finally found a beautiful blue dress with white lace on it and a white jean jacket it was beautiful

"I love it you look faboo"

I laughed

"Faboo?" I raised a eyebrow

"Yes now let's buy it"

I walked and this girl about our age talking with this other girl and they came up too us

"Excuse me sorry to bother you but my friend needs help with picking a dress can you please give us your opinion"

"Sure we don't mind" Britt said and smiled

The other girl held up two dresses

"We are going to a dinner with my boyfriend and I invited her, my names Danielle nice to meet you"

"And I'm Jenni"

"Wait aren't you-"

"Liam paines girlfriend yes I am" she cut in

"Oh wow what a coincidence"

"What do you mean"

"We are going to the same dinner we were supposed to meet you there but I guess not now huh?" We all laughed

"I guess not" she said

We spent a hour shopping and we all picked two outfits

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