Red rose

Katie rose wakes up every night from nightmares but they are actually memories from her past and she has the scars to prove it she changed her name to protect herself and the only people who know is her best friend, Brittney,and her guardian, Annie when she meets the boys at her school choir room she becomes close to them all but when her past comes back to haunt her can the boys protect her? Or will it hurt one of her new friends? Or maybe even her?


3. school and the assignment

*Katie's pov*

"Kay?" I turned to see my best friend Brittney

"Britt! Omg omg how are you"

"I'm great omg I missed you Kay"

"I missed you too"

"Hey I heard about valor...."

"Stop I don't want to hear about it" a tear escaped my eye

"Hey I'm sorry Kay don't cry I'm so sorry" she said while wiping my tear

"It's fine" I smiled big to show her I was fine even though I was dieing inside

"Hey did you hear?" Britt asked

"Hear what?"

"One direction is gunna perform here at this school and i got us two front row tickets so you have to come"

"You have to pay for the concert at school?"

"No only the first couple rows and I already paid so you have to go"

"But I don't want to" I said

Val's favorite band was one direction she would listen to them 24/7 maybe I could just go to the bathroom and not go but she paid so then I would feel guilty

"You better not go to the bathroom I paid and you should feel guilty if your going to ditch me while I'm paying money for you to go"

"I said that out loud didn't i"

"Nope I just read your mind"

"Oh shut up already let's just go I want to work on my song before class starts I'll see you later bye bye britt"

"Bye" we hugged and I went to the choir room I was her favorite student so I just went in her office was closed so she was probably in a meeting with someone I took off my backpack and went straight to a piano and started warming up my voice once I was done I got my song out and started playing the notes for the song I made for val i started playing and singing and I made a couple of changes to some of the notes and I kept singing my heart out I didn't hear the door to the office open I was still singing

"And this is one of my best students Katie rose"

Le Roy said I turned to see who she was talking about and one direction was standing right infront of me

"Hi" I said waving at all of them

"Hello babe I'm Liam this is Louis, Harry, Niall, and zayn"

"Hey" they all said

"Hello I'm Katie rose like miss said um I'm sorry not to be rude or anything but I kinda want to work on my song"

"Oh of course do you want help I can help if you want" Niall said

"Oh no it's fine I'm sure your buisy"

"Oh no I'm not buisy I want to help really"

"Okay then"

"I'll help too" Harry and zayn pitched In

"Might as well let us help" Liam and Louis said

"Um okay I'll make some copies I'll be right back"

I went into le Roy's office and made copies with her copying machine and I walked back and passed the copies to each of them and I started playing the piano and I started singing the first verse and the boys pitched in after a couple minutes the song ended and the boys clapped

"That was beautiful rose"

"Um my name is Katie rose is my um last name" I said a little bit scared

"Haha sorry Katie"

"It's fine"

"Hey we have a concert are you going?"

"Yeah my friend bought tickets for the front row so I'm sure you will see me"

"Okay we sure will" zayn smiled I didn't notice how cute zayn was until now he was dark and cute I liked that look and Harry was cute and looked cheeky and Niall looked adorable and had that sweetness in his personality and Liam looked mature and handsome and Louis looked goofy but still handsome an cute

"Oh thank you love" Louis said with a wink and the boys started laughing and I blushed and looked down Niall picked my chin up with his finger

"We are up here babe" I laughed

"I really gotta stop doing that" We talked for a couple hours until I dropped a paper and I went to pick it up and I forgot about a scar on my chest when I went to pick it up I looked up and the boys looked terrified at me

"What happened" zayn asked scaredly and with his voice shaky

"What do you mean" I knew exactly what he meant but I didn't want to say

"You know exactly what we are talking about"

He came over and pulled my shirt down a little to see the big fat scar and I started tearing up and I pushed his hand away and ran out of the room and sat down in a janitors closet and locked the door and cried after about 15 minutes of class I had skipped I walked into choir to see the boys le Roy and my class looking at me I walked to miss and said

" sorry for missing the first 15 minutes I was um buisy"

miss le Roy was like my second mom she helped me with everything but she didn't know my past only my sister and I but my sister is no longer in this world anymore she is looking down at me

I say in the back and looked out the window and watched the birds land on the red roses outside I smiled and thought of how val loved red roses she even had a birthmark that looked like one

"Okay class one direction is staying in this school for this school year and we are starting a new assignment"

Some people clapped some people said yes

"The assignment is to partner up and sing a song to show your wonderful talents"

The girls in this class were saying I wanna partner up with Niall zayn Harry Louis or Liam

"Boys do you want to pick who you want to go with"

"Yeah we do"

The boys looked at me and I shook my head and smiled

" okay boys pick"

"Katie rose" they said in unison and looked at eachother and laughed

"Really guys" I laughed and they did Rock Paper Scissors and zayn won and he got to sing with me

"So sweet cheeks looks like we are partnered up"

" you realize we cant use my song right"

"Yup I already figured"

"Haha okay"

After everyone was partnered up we started deciding on the song

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