Red rose

Katie rose wakes up every night from nightmares but they are actually memories from her past and she has the scars to prove it she changed her name to protect herself and the only people who know is her best friend, Brittney,and her guardian, Annie when she meets the boys at her school choir room she becomes close to them all but when her past comes back to haunt her can the boys protect her? Or will it hurt one of her new friends? Or maybe even her?


1. nightmares

*katie pov*

"AHHHH get away from me no NO NO STOP"

"Baby baby wake up it's okay sh shh baby wake up"

I woke up crying and my foster mom was hugging me

"You had another nightmare honey"

"I noticed" we both laughed and we hugged and she took me to the bathroom and I took a shower and got coffee and a croissant with jam for breakfast it was 5 in the morning by the time I was done so I put some mascara to compliment my big light blue eyes and I combed my long wavy black hair

"Time for school sweet heart"

"Okay mom do you wanna get rid of me that fast"

"Yes" she said and started laughing

"Mom" I laughed

"I wish val was here with us right n.." She started tearing up but I cut in

"That's enough I don't want to talk about it right now" I got a lil angry

"You have to talk about it sometime"

"Yes but not right now not so soon"

"Okay baby I love you have a good time at school" she kissed my cheek and I left

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