Red rose

Katie rose wakes up every night from nightmares but they are actually memories from her past and she has the scars to prove it she changed her name to protect herself and the only people who know is her best friend, Brittney,and her guardian, Annie when she meets the boys at her school choir room she becomes close to them all but when her past comes back to haunt her can the boys protect her? Or will it hurt one of her new friends? Or maybe even her?


7. Katie's past and shocking news

*brittneys pov*

I was so glad and relieved that zayn found her I was scared she knows better than to run off and I hated perrie at the moment I cant believe she did that

"What happened to her sister britt" Harry said with worry

"I can't say"

"Please we need to know in order to help you know we can help and you can trust us please" Liam said

"Okay one day about a year ago her parents got murdered while they were at school. They came home to see their dead parents so they called the police without knowing the killer was upstairs he came downstairs and pointed a knife at valorie her sister Katie punched the guy in the face causing him to almost fall he stood his ground and he stabbed her twice once in the stomach once in the chest she almost died she tried to crawl to her sister to protect her but she was too late the murderer had slit her throat open and she died on the spot Katie passed out and the police showed up minutes after and Katie was the only one who made it alive"

I looked up and They were all crying

"That bastard should have died I could only imagine what Katie is feeling right now no parents her sister is dead" zayn said

"Her sister and her were closer than I am to her they had a sister bond that nobody or nothing could break but now she is gone and Katie is all alone in this she refuses to talk or cry about them but I know she beating herself up about it she is strong but you can only be so strong for so long before you just break and next week on Wednesday will be a year of their death so I need you guys to help with her that means helping her out and that kinda stuff"

"Of course like I said you can trust us" Liam said

"Thank you so much"

"Oh and one more tiny little detail I missed"

"Which is?"

"Um next week on Tuesday it's also her birthday... Yeah they died the day after her birthday" they looked me in shock

"What?" Zayn yelled, "if I ever see that bastard again I'm going to kill him he's going to die the day after her birthday why the hell"

Liam and Niall calmed zayn down

"How old will she be?" Harry asked


"I'm tired let's all go to sleep and we can plan everything tomorrow agreed?"

"Agreed" they all said

"Louis are you okay?"

He nodded he hasn't talked since the story

"Boo bear tell me what's wrong"

"I just can't imagine what she's been through and now her birthday too and what if that was one of us what would you do" he said teary eyed

I hugged him

"It's alright Louis it's okay it's not your fault it's none of our faults all we can do is help her get over it not forget it but to let it go"

"Now let's all go to bed and sleep"

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