His loving ways


3. chapter 3

I know y'all are wondering why I didn't do anything?

Well let's see first if I say something I know I will get knock the f*ck out and second I love him too much.

When I did have anyone HE was there.

When I needed a place to stay HE was there.

When I didn't have any money HE was there.

When I almost got raped HE was there!

Max is my knight in shinning armor. He may be cold to me, but I don't care I love him with all me heart and soul. I'll fix him. I'll make him a good man for me. I'll do anything to make him good. Even if it means a couple stitches or a broken heart. Maybe I deserved it anyway.

But I couldn't stand to see him touch her right in my face.

So I did what any other girls who is scared of getting hit again did. So I took my little butt back upstairs n cry my eyes out and wait until that little bimbo left.

Max pov

Some call me a heartless pig but my response is, "I don't got no soul, and I don't want one. To have a soul only makes you a pussy. All I need is alcohol and a good fuck. Nothing more nothing less."

I know Mackenzie love me and all but the truth is I don't love her.

The only reason why I helped her out is because I felt bad for her I did it out of pure pity!

I'm not the type of man to settle down! Please! And yes I knew Mack saw me and the girl in the living room and I don't care. I told y'all I don't love her.

She should be thankful I didn't drain her.

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