His loving ways


2. chapter 2

Well this is my first book so there will be a lot of grammar so just go with it

Chapter One

Lisa POV

"Please max don't hurt me! It was an accident, I...I didn't mean to kiss the guy I was drunk! Please please don't hurt me!!"

"Shut up and don't speak to me!" Max said. His callused hand came down hard on the soft skin of my cheek.

And man let me tell u that hurts sometimes I wonder if he's even human!!

"Pl...please I...love you and only u just please don't hit me again!!!"

"Oh yea u love me? then why did u kiss that fat ass man?! Huh?! " He slapped me again.

Hit after hit after hit. My face hurt so bad.

I finally felt peace as my vision became blurred. Slowly I blanked out.

Soft snores slipped out my mouth.

I was finally peacefully asleep


When I woke up I have this plundering headache and to be honest it hurts like hell!!

I went into the bathroom to do my business when I was about to get out I pass by the mirror and I couldn't even prevent the gasp that escaped my lips.

My face so black an blue my lip is busted I got a scar by my eye! I look like a freaking raccoon!!!

I went downstairs into the kitchen to make breakfast but it was already there and I couldn't believe my eyes Max was their butt naked with some bimbo on his lap! I wanted to cry so bad but I couldnt let him see me like this.

No! I'm a tough girl I can do this I told my self.

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