Lost In His Big Blue Eyes

Kate was just an 11 year old when it happened. Both her parents were at work when 4 armed men entered their building. Unaware of the situation both adults thought everything fine. Until both of their lives were ended in a flash. Now, 2 years later Kate's used to be babysitter (now her legal guardian) was hauling her off to a boarding school up in North Carolina. Surprise awaits her as she finds herself stuck in a sticky situation with the one and only, Hayes Grier.


2. Plane Ride

Hayes' P.O.V


        I look back at my family as I begin to board the plane. Next stop, North Carolina. I maneuvered through the people to get to my first class seat. In the seat next to mine there was a girl with blonde wavy hair. Her skin looks pale, but it seemed to glow in the morning light coming through the tiny plane window. Her bust is pretty decent, too. Wait, what am I thinking! I don't even know this girl. I guess she senses me staring at her, so she turns her head. Her hair looks almost angelic because of the sun's reflection outside, and I look in awe. I can tell she isn't wearing any makeup because I could see some acne around her forehead. I also notice a small red mark under her right eye. She sees what I'm looking at and she turns her head quickly to the window again. I feel like I hurt her feelings, but considering I don't even know her name to begin with, I awkwardly sit next to her.


        I place my bag next to my feet, and pull out my phone. I decide to make a random vine for the fun of it. At first I forget that the girl next to me was in the vine, so I move the phone to the left to exit her out of the frame. I don't know what makes me, but I return to my original position. Accidentally staring at her through the screen. Okay, maybe not an accident. When I finally post it, the comments flowing in are mostly about the girl. I notice the girl has her phone out as well, but what happens next is the worst. As I slyly peer over her shoulder, I see she's on Vine as well. At first it means nothing, but then I see she's staring at MY Vine. The one I just made, with me, staring at her, and the comments about how pretty she is. The most embarrassing part is that my staring towards her was obvious throughout the whole six seconds. 


Julia's P.O.V


        It finally hits me that the boy sitting next to me on the same plane, is the one and only, Hayes Grier. Of course I follow him on Vine, but him being here is a bigger deal than it should be. I feel self conscious next to him, and I don't even like his vines that much. To ease the pounding going on in my chest, I take out my phone and go on vine. I scroll through my feed until my finger lands on a Vine made by Hayes less than a minute ago. I saw myself in the vine, at first I think he will make fun of me, but throughout the whole video he appears to be staring at me through the camera view. The pounding in my chest speeds up and seems to get louder. I swear he can hear it. I could feel my cheeks burn, and I try to hide my face with my hair. Out of the corner of my eye I see him trying to peek over my shoulder. 


        I decide to mess with him, so I look up from my phone and look at him staring at me. His face immediately turns a light shade of pink, and I laugh. Not a mean laugh, more of an acknowledging laugh. I notice his faces returns to a normal shade, and he smiles. For the rest of the plane ride I find myself smiling at nothing in particular, although I know what I'm smiling at.          

Hayes' P.O.V


        For the rest of the flight I feel the urge to look in her direction, or at least to talk her to. For some reason I swallow the urges and I just sit in my chair. As the flight goes on I find myself daydreaming about her. Thinking about what her name must be, must be something pretty. Wondering how she got that scar under her eye, random things like that. After a few hours, a lady announces through an intercom that we'll be landing in 5 minutes. When we finally land I collect my suitcase, and I notice the girl is going in the same direction as I am. I feel a knot in my stomach and I smile to myself. I look over to find the girl turning to a man with a sign that read "Julia Williams". So that's her name. 


I know that Hayes lives in North Carolina but I just felt the need to have them on the same flight so there. Anyways, I have to go out with some friends so I'm ending this chapter here. 'Till next time reader


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